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Christmas Season at Wakefield Court;  
Christmas lights and music fill the air in this beautiful little
neighborhood of Santa Clarita, California.
Video created December 10, 2006  Running Time 6min 1sec
opportunity to share not only the popular Holiday songs, but the Christian Christmas songs as well. People of all ages have made Wakefield Court their tradition during the Christmas
Season. The person sitting behind me in the video is my son, Andrew, playing bass guitar. Jonathan Land vocals, Greg and Kevin Fullemen drums and saxophone. The young lady
dancing in the Santa outfit is, Wendy Means, who also is one of our vocalists who devotes much of her time each year singing for those who visit Wakefield Court. I enjoy so much,
seeing the little children and adults having fun, sharing the joy of this Holiday Season with the community, and pray that it may continue for many years to come!
Christopher W. French
In Santa Clarita, California, many of the neighborhood streets and
individual homes compete for the best decorated, most well lit-up
displays during the Christmas Holiday Season. The local newspaper,
The Signal, on a given day drive through and judge these streets and
homes, then publish what they believe were the best for their "Holiday
Light Tour". Multitudes of people then drive out to these locations
looking to enjoy such Holiday beauty and atmosphere. Wakefield
Court, won 1st place many times for being one of the best decorated
streets. One Christmas Season, in 2000, my family and I drove
around Santa Clarita Valley looking at all the Christmas lights and
decorations people put up on their homes. As we drove through
Wakefield Court, an idea came to me..."Wouldn't it be nice if
someone was playing live Christmas music while all these people
walked and cars drove through?" Well, I didn't waste any time, I
knocked on the door of one of the neighbors, introduced myself and
shared my idea with a man named, Dave. At first, he looked at me a
little strangely (he had no idea who I was) but then he said, "That
sounds like a great idea!" That very next weekend I began playing
Christmas songs in the garage of one of the many friendly homes on
Wakefield Court, and continue to play there every year! The
neighbors are all so friendly, and the Christmas spirit is alive and well,
obvious for all to see and enjoy! One of the favorite songs the kids
and parents request is, Charlie Brown (I am playing in the video).
Actually the true name is,
Linus and Lucy, written by, Vince
Guaraldi, from
"A Charlie Brown Christmas" 1965. It's not unusual
to see children of the neighborhood and those passing through dancing
in the streets and driveways to our music. I am so blessed with the
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