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Videos - Silent Night Bass Solo
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Silent Night - by Rex Robinson
A funky Bass Solo version of Silent Night.
Video created by Nancy French, December 1998.  Running time 5min 05sec
This bass version of Silent Night by Rex Robinson, is one that he and his
brother, Robby Robinson, perform every year during the Christmas season. It's
usually played at Robby's "Jam for Jesus" concerts or the "Robby Robinson and
Friends" concerts, but this video here was taken during one of our Christmas
programs at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, in December of 1998. As you can
see, there are very few people in the world who can play bass like Rex
Robinson. His funky bass lines add so much more percussion to the music he
plays, and his experience as a professional musician, (playing for Frankie Valli
and the Four Seasons, over 20 years) is only the beginning of why Rex catches
everyone's attention each time he plays. Paul and I had truly been blessed by
God, to have had the opportunity of playing worship music with Rex and
Robby Robinson each week for over 8 years. As a drummer and percussionist,
playing alongside Rex and Robby is a real learning experience and joy to be a
part of. For Paul's and my part in this song, (the drums and congas) was to just
lay down a good strong beat, and let Rex do the rest, and indeed he did! One
of the greatest things Paul and I admired about Rex and Robby, beside their
music abilities, was their love for Jesus Christ. Praise God He brings the best of
musicians together to make a joyful noise unto Himself, and I'm certain there
will be bass solos in Heaven too!
Christopher W. French
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