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Piano composition; Sarai, by Christopher W. French
Short version from "The Man Of Sorrows" album.
Video created February 19, 2007  Running time 2min 37sec
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No matter how many times I play my songs, each time I play them differently.
The version I played here in this video, is of course different than the one I
played in my album. But, I believe that's why I love playing the piano, I can
pour out my feelings and emotions through the notes I play. There is so much
variety to choose from and never-ending hard work to do better and to
improve. Music is never-ending in the sense that no matter how good a person
becomes, they can always do better! The cords and styles are endless, the
challenge to learn something new is always before me. As my skills improve, I
tackle more exciting and beautiful music arrangements. Music is a life-long
hobby, you have to really want it if your going to make it worthwhile, you
gotta' love it! That goes for most anything in this world. I'm glad God made it
that way or we would become bored in no time. I find it takes years of hard
work and devotion, but the rewards are so great! I'm not referring to money,
I'm talking about the enjoyment and therapy music does for the mind and soul.
If you notice, my body sways and moves as I play, and I don't even realize
that I'm doing it! My mind wanders a little but stays alert to what cord and
note is to be played next. I'm not thinking of worries or cares because I can't.
My mind is engrossed in the music, therefore I escape the cares of this life for
a short while and become very relaxed and at peace. Yes, music is great
therapy, Christian Music takes it another step further. Combine the power of
music with the power of God's Word and you have it all in my opinion!   
Christopher W. French
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