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2. Sarai
Piano composition by Christopher W. French
Short version from "The Man Of Sorrows" album.
Video created February 19, 2007.  Running time 2min 37sec
We will add more videos, God willing, as time permits. We believe video adds so much.
We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoy making them!
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4. Christmas Season at Wakefield Court  
Christmas lights and music fill the air in this beautiful little neighborhood of Santa Clarita, California.
Video created December 10, 2006.  Running Time 6min 1sec
3. The Jewish Carpenter
Piano composition by Christopher W. French
Excerpt from the "Journey To Bethlehem" album by Paul French.
Video created March 8, 2007.  Running Time 3min 20sec
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5. The Old-Time Player Piano!
By June and Christopher W. French
Watch and listen to an Old-Time Player Piano from the 1920's!
Video created March 18, 2007.  Running time 18min 10sec
6. The Djembe - Song Title - Kum Ba Yah, by Paul French
A short demonstration playing the African Drum, Djembe.
Video created March 7, 2007.  Running Time 2min 41sec
7. The Thief On The Cross - Luke 23:32-43
By Christopher W. French
A short Bible Devotion reflecting on the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ!
Video created March 29, 2007.  Running time 4min 19sec
8. Conga and Drum Solo
By Paul and Christopher W. French
A Conga and Drum Solo, just for fun!
Video created June 06, 2006.  Running time 2min 18sec
9. The Entertainer - Played by Christopher W. French
Ragtime piano music written by, Scott Joplin, 1902.
Video created May 8, 2007.  Running time 4min 46sec
10. The Little Drummer Boy - by Robby Robinson
A Jazz and Percussion instrumental featuring Paul French on the conga drums.
Video created December 1998.  Running Time 8min 13sec
11. Silent Night - by Rex Robinson
A funky Bass Solo version of Silent Night.
Video created December 1998.  Running time 5min 05sec
The song now playing;
(composed by C.W.F.) was once
the original Rhythm On The Rock
Theme Song, in 2004. It was later
replaced by the excerpt from,
Journey To Bethlehem" by Paul
French, which has now become
very familiar to those who know
Rhythm On The Rock.
1. Dominique - Pure and Simple
A Christian Music Video, featuring Dominique singing excerpts from her album "Pure & Simple".
Video created May 19, 2007.  Running Time 17min 49sec
12. Maple Leaf Rag - Played by Christopher W. French
Ragtime piano music written by, Scott Joplin, 1899.
Video created October 1, 2007  Running time 3min 19sec
13. Green Ramp - "Welcome Home 82nd Airborne Paratroopers!"
Over 300, 82nd Airborne Paratroopers return home from Iraq to greet their
families and loved ones at Green Ramp, Pope Air Fore Base, North Carolina.
Video created October 25, 2007  Running time 8min 32sec
14. Jesus Is The Rock - "Bible Devotion"
A short Bible devotion using boulders and rocks for illustration during the
construction of a long retaining wall. Find great ideas for landscaping and design too!
Video created October, 2007  Running time 5min 3sec
15. Bodie Mining Town - By Dave and Christopher W. French
(Often referred to as Bodie Ghost Town)
See photos from Bodie with story and info. Narrated from a Christian perspective.
Video created December, 2005.  Running time 11min 30sec
See more video's by Christopher French at his YouTube channel.