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This little Bible devotion video was inspired by the large rocks and boulders I
had purchased for landscaping in my yard. When I saw the boulders, I kept
thinking about how JESUS IS THE ROCK, and how solid our salvation is in
HIM! The Bible refers to our God as being “THE ROCK” over and over
again, especially in the Psalms! So I couldn’t resist the opportunity of putting
together this little video. I hope you find some good ideas for your own
landscaping too, besides being encouraged with God’s word and Cassandra
Peterson’s Gospel music.

In September of 2007, I decided to do some landscaping with large boulders
and railroad ties; to create a retaining wall for my hillside, which seemed to
erode more and more every year.  Eighteen years prior I had collected over
20 tons of riverbed rock from a jobsite in San Gabriel, California. I had made
a large and beautiful rock garden which lasted for many years, until it began to
fill with dirt and mud from my hillside above. My new plan was to use the
existing rocks I had collected, and then add large boulders, (7 of them) with
railroad ties to hold back the dirt and mud from the hillside. It wasn’t easy
locating the 7 large granite boulders; each weighing 3,500 to 5,900 pounds,
but through various rock yards, my supplier was able to get them. I was also
very fortunate to find railroad ties of such good quality and price.
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Jesus Is The Rock - "Bible Devotion"
A short Bible devotion using boulders and rocks for
illustration during the construction of a long retaining wall.
Find great ideas for landscaping and design too!
Video created October, 2007  Running time 5min 3sec      
The job began in September and was completed in November. Three
months of hard labor for just 2 people, my son Andrew and myself.
We worked early mornings and weekends from sunrise until dark,
digging holes for posts and moving tons of rock by hand. The backhoe
(tractor) was a life-saver to begin with for moving the boulders and
dirt, but most of the work had to be done by hand. The project
involved over 120 railroad ties, 8-9 feet long 150-200lbs each, with
45+ tons of granite rock to move and position!! Water lines were
added with plants of fountain grass. Antique wagon wheels and axles
added the final touch, with Malibu lights in the near future.

Besides being good exercise, working in the dirt has always been good
therapy for the mind. When God put Adam to work in the garden, it
was good. Mankind has worked the soil in farming for thousands of
years; we were created from the dust of the earth, it’s no wonder so
many people enjoy working with their hands in yard-work and growing
today! I recommend making the soil-connection to all, young and old,
get your hands dirty at least once a week, you’ll love it!!
Christopher W. French
Photos by Christopher W. French