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and written by
Christopher W. French
Music video from Dominique "Pure & Simple" Album
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Song List for "Pure & Simple"
1. Pure and Simple  3:42
2. He’s The Love In My Life  4:23
3. Psalm 23  3:35
4. Fear The Lord  3:12
5. Praise You (Psalm 9)  4:04
6. Living Water  4:15
7. I Will Sing To The Lord  2:47
8. Think About Forever  4:04
9. Rejoice  3:51
10. Our Emotions Don't Promise
Salvation  3:53

Total Running Time 37:52
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It was on a Saturday morning in May of 2007, when Dominique and I
decided to take a drive to San Buenaventura State Beach Park, Ventura,
California, to create our very first Christian music video! With nothing
more than a small hand-held video camera and a battery-powered
boom-box, we had all the equipment needed for our special little film.

The day began with prayer, a misty camera lens and overcast skies, which
God had provided for shadow-free lighting, making it possible for our one
person filming crew (me). Later on, as the sun burned through, we made
our way to the little shops in the marina and walked the 1,700-foot long
pier extending out over the Pacific Ocean. The day was beautiful!

The rolling waves of the sea and birds soaring the skies, made the most
beautiful background for our project! As I would zoom the camera lens in
and out with the motion of the waves and song sequences, I noticed it gave
our video the touch we needed. We kept the sounds of the ocean in our
music background too, for a more natural effect. For a low budget filming
project such as this (spending less than $86, including D batteries, lunch
for two, DVD's, bike rental and gasoline), I don't believe we could of had a
better movie setting or stage, than God's creation itself! It's no wonder
filming industries spend big bucks locating their crews to shoot scenes in
beautiful areas around the world for their films. There is no way to
improve on God's design and creation, that's for certain!

Completely unrehearsed and without direction, Dominique expressed her
love for Jesus Christ throughout the day. Her enthusiasm was contagious
and made my job easy in taking the video. People around us and those
who passed by, couldn't help but wonder what we were doing, we did
attract some attention, but that made it even more fun as people would
stop to take a second look. I truly admire people like Dominique, who can
put aside all their pride and embarrassment for what people might think of
them for the sake of the Gospel message.

As we moved our way to the pier, I noticed a small bicycle rental shop and
all their shinny bikes. They even had tandem bikes and surries too, with
fringe on top, all lined-up for rent. We noticed they only had one ladies
bike left, and with a quick change of clothes, Dominique rode up and down
the bike path as I took video. In my few experiences as a photographer, I
found the best photos take place spontaneously and spur of the moment.
With too much fussing and planning, the moment of opportunity could be
lost, for that genuine smile or expression photographers hope to capture.

Most importantly however, after all being said, Dominique's and my desire
was to spend our day for Jesus Christ, and His music, which He has put in
our hearts to sing and to share with others! We hope that through this little
video you find encouragement and boldness too, to live out your own life
for Jesus Christ, through His power, using whatever talents and gifts He
has given you for His Kingdom and Glory! And whatever we do, whether
in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to
God the Father through Him. Have a wonderful day and God bless...
Christopher W. French
Dominique overlooking the
1,700-foot long pier at San
Buenaventura State Beach Park.
Romans 1:16-17
I am not ashamed of the
gospel, because it is the
power of God for the
salvation of everyone who
believes: first for the Jew,
then for the Gentile. For in
the gospel a righteousness
from God is revealed, a
righteousness that is by
faith from first to last, just
as it is written: "The
righteous will live by faith."
Christopher W. French
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