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Videos - Bodie Mining Town
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"Bodie Mining Town" - By Dave and Christopher W. French
(Often referred to as Bodie Ghost Town)
Video created December, 2005.  Running time 11min 30sec.
Click here for more info and photos by Dave French on Bodie Ghost Town.
This video on Bodie Mining Town, also known as Bodie Ghost Town, is very
different and unique in the sense that the majority of these photos were taken
on a cold and foggy day in December of 2005, which gave Bodie the true
eeriness it deserves. In addition, in keeping with our desire and passion to
share the Gospel message throughout the majority of our video's, Dave French
has added Bible verses to his story about Bodie. As the video plays, you will
notice Bible references appear on the screen as they are read from the New
International Version of the Bible. Dave's story and information about Bodie
Ghost Town adds a great deal of interest and insight from a Christian
perspective. We believe God's word applies to everything under the sun,
especially Bodie Ghost Town. One of man's greatest snares and temptations
throughout the centuries has been the love of money and greed.

1 Timothy 6:9-10 People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a
trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin
and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. NIV

I enjoyed doing the narration part of this video very much, especially the Bible
verses with echo in my voice, for effect, and to differentiate between story and
Bible verse. However, don't be confused at the ending where I quoted these
words from an unknown author;
"And now my comrades all are gone;
Naught remains to toast. They have left me here in my misery, like some
poor wandering ghost." Author Unknown.
Obviously, that is not from the
Bible. We hope that you enjoy the photos and story of Bodie. Certainly, we
don't believe in ghosts or goblins, or intend to frighten you in any way with the
music or photos. We do believe however, much can be learned from the past,
and Bodie speaks loud and clear,
never put your hope and trust in money!
Christopher W. French
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Here are some examples of Dave's photos included in the video above. The majority of these photos were taken
on a cold and foggy day in November of 2005, which gave Bodie State Historic Park, an eeriness well deserved.  
See Dave's Website - Timberline Trails