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Song lyrics;12. THIS I KNOW

The Lord is coming back, coming soon.
Like a thief He will come.
In the night, coming soon,
Better be ready now, this I know.

In the beginning God created the earth.
The stars above and the air that we breathe.
Then came the fall of man the sin in the garden.
Man will perish now with Adam and Eve.

Then God sent us a Savior who rose from the grave.
I remember the promise He made!  

CHORUS:  I will return, Jesus is coming soon.
I’ll come and harvest the fields I’ve sown.
Watch and be ready (I’m gonna be ready now)
The Lord is coming back, this I know.

Like a thief in the night He will come.
Wanna be ready and tell everyone.
Always keep watch and your lamps be burning,
Working for the Lord while your heart is yearning.

Then the sun will go dark, stars fall from the sky.
The Son on Man will appear, don’t let him pass you by!


When He returns He’ll take all our fears away.
When He returns He’ll wipe every tear away.
He will make all things clear that day.
He will take us all home to stay, Oh.


By Christopher W. French
Rhythm on the Rock Productions
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