Song lyrics; 3. THE SHEPHERD SONG

Jesus my God
My strength and shield, my heart belongs to you.
Good Shepherd I know,
You’ve been with me all my life to this day.
Whenever I wander
You bring me back so I don’t go astray.
Good Shepherd, Oh Jesus
Shepherd of love.

CHORUS: Shepherd of Love, God of all creation
Hold me in your arms, carry me forever.
You are my strength and my salvation
Carry me Jesus, home to eternal life.

His power and His mercy
What a God we have there’s no other like Him.
Clinging to Him always
I know He’s there to see me through.
Mountains may crumble,
I will trust in Him though the bellows roar.
Good Shepherd, Oh Jesus
Shepherd of Love.


There’s not a day go by I don’t feel His touch.
No other love or thing I could say as much.
As the stars above me light the sky
My love for Him grows more as the years go by
Good Shepherd, Dear Jesus,
Shepherd of love.


By Christopher W. French
Rhythm on the Rock Productions
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Photo by Dave French
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