About Dominique
I was born and raised in Southern California with my dad
and mom and two younger brothers. As a result of my
family’s loving example and spiritual guidance, I accepted
Christ as my Savior at the age of seven.  Over the past 15
years since becoming a Christian, God has been faithful
and carried me through both tumultuous times and periods
of immense joy.

One of the gifts Jesus blessed me with was the love of
music.  Ever since I was a child, I loved to sing.  I would
record my voice on my little red cassette player and play it
back over and over again.  I would also sing in the house,
backyard, with my brother on the piano and with friends.  
Although many people urged me to take singing lessons, I
never had any formal training growing up.   The thought of
pursuing music professionally was a dream that I never
believed would come true due to the cost financially, the
intense competition, and the lack of opportunity.  Thus, as
a child, I continued to practice and enjoy God’s gift He
gave me and let Him guide my life to where it is now.

I not only grew up in a Christian home but also was
blessed to have a Christian based education in Jr. High
and High School.  Moreover, during this time period, I
became seriously involved in a tremendous Christian
Youth organization called Awana.  This program proved
to be a significant encouragement to my spiritual growth.  
During the time I was involved with this program, I
memorized hundreds of Bible verses and read the entire
Bible.  The training that I received helped prepare me for
the trials that I would encounter in my future.  For instance,
in college my faith in Jesus was tried and tested.  I was no
longer surrounded by the love and encouragement of
Christians but instead by secular professors who labeled
Christianity as unintellectual and unscientific.  During
these four years, I felt like Paul who was “hard pressed in
all directions.”  I at times questioned my faith and the
validity of God’s Word.  Due to the fact that it was a
secular institution, I was bombarded with false world
views such as Darwinism, Marxism along with a host of
other ungodly literature.  However, the Lord continued to
be faithful and shed light on the inherent fallacies of these
ungodly views and allowed me to emerge more
knowledgeable and stronger spiritually than I was when I
first entered as a college freshman.  In the midst of these
struggles, my Uncle Chris implored me to be a part of the
most exciting project that I had ever worked on, a
Christian C.D.  For the next two and a half years, I juggled
both school and countless visits to his studio to record
Praise songs to the Lord.

In June 2005, I not only graduated with honors from Cal
State Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English
Literature but also completed my first Christian music
album, “Pure and Simple.”  Because this CD encouraged
and consistently reminded me of God’s unconditional love
and faithfulness whether I was facing difficulties or times
of joy, I also hope that others will be touched in the same
way.  I pray that the songs from this album will, comfort
and remind all listeners where ever they are in this world,
that they have a Heavenly Friend and Father who will
quench any of their pain and emptiness with the healing
living water that only He can provide.
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