If you would like to use my poem, "The Violin Player" for your website to encourage others, you have my
permission. However, it may not be used for profit or resale in any way. You must also keep the poem exactly as
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website. Thank you and God bless. Christopher W. French

“Come play me sir!” my violin cried… so I picked up my bow and went outside.
“For whom shall we play, your brother, your sister?” “Not this time” I said, and explained in a whisper…

“The music today I shall play on your strings, will be for the Master…The King of all kings.
Our Audience now is for all to adore, let’s play my friend, like never before!”

“Good morning dear Father, I humbly pray… we have a new song to bless your day.
My fingers are small and my notes are few, use them this hour to glorify you!”

The melody was sweet and of special design, an arrangement from heaven, by God most Divine.
Our morning ensemble soft to the ear, was accompanied by singing as birds gathered near.

An orchestra dayspring soon filled the air, our serenade to the Creator was heard everywhere.
And although this may sound somewhat hilarious, my violin played like a new Stradivarius!!

“What do you think now, my violin friend? Would you play for the Master, if I asked you again?”
“Yes sir!” he exclaimed, “Our Master is great, so beautiful to hear as He orchestrates!”

The harmonies of nature they sing all together, the stars in the sky and even the weather.
The world is the LORD’s and those He gives birth, how majestic His name over all the earth!

--Christopher W. French
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"The Violin Player" by Christopher W. French
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