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"The Journey To Calvary" By Cindy Martin

When was the last time you thought about Calvary?

Let's take a train back to that time, "All Aboard!"

First stop is at Caesar's palace, where people are shouting, "Kill the man they call king,
crucify him!" They made Him carry His cross to Calvary. Let's go to Calvary to see what
is going on. Listen, what is that we hear? That sound is the sound of the hammer hitting the
nails as they are being driven into each of His hands and one at His feet. As we go closer
we see a man on another cross saying, "Lord, remember me when you come into your
kingdom." Wait, what is this? Here comes a soldier pushing his way through the crowd, he
put his spear into the side of Jesus, the blood starts to flow from His side. This is the
blood that was shed for us, to cover all our sins! The sky becomes dark and the ground
begins to shake. Then we hear Jesus say, "It is finished."

We now go on to the cave where Jesus was laid. Mary is there to bring burial clothes for
Him. The stone is rolled away, He is not there! A man is there, He calls to Mary and tells
her, "Do not be afraid, go and tell the others I have risen. I go to prepare a place for you
and to sit at My Father's right hand!

If we claim that wonderful gift of Him shedding His blood for us, we too can have eternal
life. My thoughts of this journey and of my Lord is...


Thank you JESUS!

--Cindy Martin
"Amazing Grace" By Cindy Martin

We sing the song Amazing Grace, but did you ever stop to think just how amazing that
grace really is? It all started at Calvary, when Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood
for us. That blood brought about the grace so we could receive everlasting life! That grace
is there when we are on top of the mountain, shouting to the world and thanking God for
what He does. It is also the same grace that is there when we are down in that valley,
when we are so low we think we will never get out! But God takes us by the hand and
even carries us up and out of that valley. He takes away all our fears and pain. Through
that grace life is eternal. By accepting that grace we have a home in heaven with Jesus for
all eternity! What AMAZING GRACE it is! Thank you Lord!

--Cindy Martin
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Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.
"Are You Ready?" By Cindy Martin

I look at myself in the mirror. I see my reflection...
Do I like what I see?
I see a person that despite what I see, the flesh lives in me and in the world around me.  

The world is constantly putting down the name of Jesus.  
People say, "Why do you want Jesus in your life?"
The government says I can't pray in certain places, and if I do, I can't pray in Jesus' name.

Are you ready to say, "Lord, I am yours!"  
Do I do enough to let people around me and the world see my Lord in my life, everyday?
Are you ready for the world to see Jesus in you?

--Cindy Martin
About Cindy Martin;
I was born in Indiana in 1959, I had a good childhood, growing up in church I knew that I wanted to live for God. At the age
of 14 I gave my heart to the Lord. He has been with me every day since then. I am married and have 2 great kids, both are
Christians. My hobbies are writing and doing crafts of all kinds. I like to use these things to express my love for God and
other people, I feel these are what the Lord gave me, so I use them for Him. I have been a Christian most of my life, I
learned that Jesus is always there no matter what. When down in a valley or on top of the mountain, He is the same. He has
given me so many blessings that I could never count them or to tell Him thank you enough. He gave His blood that I could
have a home for eternity. He gave me a beautiful  family and with His help my children are Christians. I just can't say thank
you enough, to Him. He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort me and guide me I  look forward to the day when I will see My Lord
face to face and tell Him how much I love Him. Meanwhile, my goal here is to do His will and hope other people see my
Savoir in me.
Cindy Martin
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"A Letter to God" By Cindy Martin

You are the best friend that I have.  I can come to You and pour out my heart and soul.  You promised to always
be by my side, even when the road gets so bad, I am not sure I can go on.  You put your arms around me and
guide me the right way.  In times of hurt and sorrow You shelter me in your arms and give me peace.  When I
pray, You listen and You know what I need and answer those prayers.  You give me everything I need to get
through this world of hate and despair.  You gave your own Son to die for my sins, so I could spend my eternity
with You.  Lord You do so much for me.  How can I ever say thank you enough.  I want to always serve You and
do whatever your will may be for my life.  Each day I strive to do my best for You,
                                                               Your loving child  

--Cindy Martin
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