"Our Journey" By Lea Dyer Snow

"Come walk with me" He asked one day,
then clasped His hand to mine.
"It's just a short way that gets brighter each day,"
then He led me to glory divine.

We walked past the mountains all covered with snow,
and through hills that were matted with green.
It was a sight to behold, and this I was told,
"There's more by the wandering stream."

What beauty surrounded my flower strewn path!
There were wonders I'd never dreamed of.
Like great soaring eagles, and wee baby beagles,
all lying with a lion and dove.

He bent down His head and this He then said,
"It is yours just for the asking."
But first you must pray, and give thanks every day,
Then in my glory you will be basking."

I looked in His eyes and saw a soft light,
that shone like a teardrop of dew.
He said, "With your vow, I'll be leading you now,
and my love never parting from you."

I awoke from my sleep with a feeling of dread,
realizing I'd only been dreaming.
But there on my bed, so close to my head,
was a teardrop of His softly gleaming.

--Lea Dyer Snow
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