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"When the Lord Takes a Loved One Home"

When the Lord takes a loved one home,
He knows our hearts will show the strain,
But he took them to our Father,
To take away the pain.

If we always pray to God each day,
And ask him to guide us along our way,
We know we’ll be together some sweet day.

Our loved ones are never really far away,
Because their light in our hearts,
Will always be here to stay.

So when the Lord calls a loved one home,
And you feel you are left all alone,
Just remember, they’ve gone to our Father,
To kneel before his throne.

--Wayne A. Ellsworth

"When Jesus Knocked"

When Jesus knocked upon your door,
Did you swing it open and ask him in?
Or did you open it just a little way?
And tell God’s Son to go away.
Does he walk with you day and night?
Or do you call him just when you’re in a tight.

We’re all God’s children and he loves us so,
But we get to thinking we can run the show,
It doesn’t take long tho, before we know,
That our Father in Heaven is running the show,
So when you open the door, open it wide,
Then it will be you and Jesus, side by side.

--Wayne A. Ellsworth

"He Gives You a Reason"

Jesus gave up his life on Calvary,
He shed his blood for you and me,
He paid for our sins in hopes we would see,
That we can live forever, when we cross that great sea.

If you need a reason to want to live,
If you need a reason to want a new soul,
And if you need a reason to work for your goal,
Just reach to Jesus, and pour out your soul.

He gives you that reason to want a new life,
He gives you that reason to want a new soul,
And he gives you that reason to work for a new goal,
To walk on the streets, that are made of pure gold.

--Wayne A. Ellsworth

"Gates Of Heaven"

Angels are singing, of our loving lord,
Singing in glory, let them be heard.
Jesus almighty, King on the throne,
He’s always calling, for his to come home.

Jesus now loves you, and cares for your soul,
He will ere guide you, straight to your goal,
He’ll always keep you, tho rugged the way,
He’ll not forsake you, on that great judgment day.

So come my dear sinners, come while you may,
Come unto Jesus, fall not by the way,
He will uphold you, and show you the way,
To open the gates of, heaven someday.

--Wayne A. Ellsworth

"The Blood Of Jesus"

They made our Savior carry his cross,
All of the way to Calvary,
They nailed his feet and they nailed his hands,
And let his blood pour down in the sand.

Jesus shed his blood on Calvary,
He died that day for you and for me,
He loved us so much that he took our sins,
And laid them at the foot of the throne.

Oh, the blood of Jesus is everywhere,
And he gave us a cross to bear,
Now he can share our heart as his home,
And we don’t have to carry our burdens alone.

--By Wayne Ellsworth

"To Be Set Free"

Our savior died on Calvary,
He gave his life for you and me,
He had the power to be set free,
But he shed his blood upon that tree.

I knelt down upon my knees,
And asked the lord to come to me,
Then I heard him say so tenderly,
My child you know I’ve set you free.

If God had saved his precious Son,
And said his will would not be done,
Oh where would we his children be,
Without our lord to set us free.

By Wayne A. Ellsworth


As you travel through life you may not know,
That Jesus will love you where ever you go,
He’ll plead with you to open the door,
So that he can give you life ever more.

He gives you a choice which way to go,
It’s a mansion in heaven or the fire down below,
It’s all up to you who you give full control,
But he’ll always love you no matter where you go.

Yes, Jesus wants to save your soul,
And he wants to wash you as white as snow,
But if you decide your soul to sell,
You’ll have to walk through his blood,

All the way to hell.

By Wayne A. Ellsworth

Hebrews 10:26-31
26 If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the
truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27 but only a fearful expectation of judgment
and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. 28 Anyone who rejected
the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses.
29 How much more severely do you think a man deserves to be punished who has
trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood
of the covenant that sanctified him, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace? 30
For we know him who said, "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," and again, "The
Lord will judge his people."   31 It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the
living God.


Like a blind man in the dark, I could not find my way.
With blackness all around me, like the midnight from a grave.
Then I found my blessed Savior, my night he turned to day,
And now he walks beside me, forever he will stay.

I stumbled through the darkness, without the light of day,
Then a blessed Angel touched me, and I began to pray,
I ask him to forgive me, and to take my sins away,
Now we’ll always walk together, he knows I’ll never stray.

Now I’m basking in the sunshine of his love,
Yes I’m basking in the sunshine of his love,
He reached down and took my hand,
I gave my Jesus full command,
And now I’m basking in the sunshine of his love.

By Wayne A. Ellsworth
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Wayne A Ellsworth
Wayne A. Ellsworth
"One Step at a Time"

I turned away from Jesus so many times,
And it broke his heart each and every time,
But he loved me so much and now I know,
That I can walk beside him, one step at a time.

Now I’m walking with Jesus, one step at a time,
He holds my hand to keep me in line,
If I stumble and fall, he’ll wait for me,
So we can walk together, eternally.

If you’ve turned away from Jesus, he still loves you,
And he’s there to prove, he’ll see you through,
Just reach out to heaven and take his hand,
Then you too can walk beside him, one step at a time.

--Wayne A. Ellsworth

"He Loved Us So Much"

Jesus loved us so much when he went to the cross,
He took all of our sins with him,
He bore all our heartaches and sorrows that day,
So that you and I would not have to pay.

They placed a crown of thorns upon his head,
Then they nailed him to the tree,
They pierced him so deep within his side,
That some of his blood spilled on me.

Oh please, won’t you let my Savior in,
To live in your heart for evermore,
He will walk by your side every day,
Then He will take you to heaven forever to stay.

--Wayne A. Ellsworth

"I Dreamed I Was There"

I dreamed I was there,
When they crucified my Lord,
When they hung him on the cross,
As he hung there in agony,
He looked down at me,
And said my child, I’m doing this for you.

As I knelt there on the ground,
With my tears streaming down,
I heard his voice come to me,
That’s when I heard him say,
My love is here to stay,
And I will walk with you all the way.

I met my Savior at the foot of the Cross,
He touched my heart and set me free,
He gave me his Peace,
He gave me his Love,
And said he would take me,
To his home up above.

--Wayne A. Ellsworth

"The Man I Wanted to Be"

All of my life, I had been searching,
For the man I wanted to be,
But I was lost and in darkness,
And could not find the light of day.

Then Jesus knocked on my heart’s door,
And said, I will love you ever more,
Now we are walking together,
And I am the man I wanted to be.

If you are lost and in darkness,
And cannot find the light of day
Just open the door for my savior,
And be who you want to be today.

--Wayne A. Ellsworth

"When I Enter The Gates"

I was wandering all alone in the valley,
And I could not find my way,
My life had no purpose or meaning,
And my night would not turn to day.

Then I knelt and called out to my Jesus,
And asked him to come to me,
He said my child I am with you,
I have come to set you free.

So if you’re wandering all alone in the valley,
And you cannot find your way,
Just kneel and call out to my Jesus,
He will come and show you the way.

When I enter the gates of Heaven,
My Jesus will meet me there.
He will take me to the throne of his Father,
And then I will kneel and worship him.

By Wayne A. Ellsworth


I was in a deep, deep valley lost and alone,
And I could not find my way back home,
When God reached down and took my hand,
And said, “I will take you to the promised land”.

Now I’m walking with Jesus like I’ve wanted to do,
And I’m talking with him like he wanted me to,
Now where ever I go there’s one thing I know,
He’ll be there beside me, protecting my soul.

If your in a deep, deep valley lost and alone,
And you can’t find your way to that heavenly home,
Let Jesus reach down and take your hand,
Then he’ll lead you someday, to that promised land.

By Wayne A. Ellsworth


When they crucified Jesus on the cross,
They thought they were through with him,
But on the third day he arose,
Now he sits by his father, like a beautiful rose.

There was a day when I lost my way,
And I could not find the light of day.
Then Jesus reached down and took my hand,
Now I can live forever in the promised land.

He lives today, yes Jesus lives,
He is the light, and he is the way,
If you’ll walk down the road to Calvary,
Then he will walk with you all the way.

Wayne A. Ellsworth


We know not the day, we know not the hour,
When Jesus will come again,
For God alone who sits on the throne,
Knows for sure when He will send his Son.

God sent his son to die on the cross,
And to shed his blood for you.
He gave you the will to kneel at the cross,
And accept his Son as your King.

When God tells Gabriel to sound his horn,
That’s when our time shall end,
Then every eye shall see Jesus return,
As He comes on a snowy white cloud.

Oh where will you be when Jesus comes,
When he comes like a thief in the night,
Will your eyes be upon the eastern sky?
Or will you be left here behind?

By Wayne A. Ellsworth