If you would like to use my poem, "My Grandpa" to send to your Grandpa, friend or add it to your website to
encourage others, you have my permission. However, it may not be used for profit or resale in any way. You
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My Grandpa

My Grandpa is my best friend!
He gives me rides in his boat, every weekend.

He even let’s me take the helm and steer!
Well almost, his hands are close and always near.

We look for buried treasure, pretend along the way!
I have so much fun with Grandpa, I wish he were here today.

My Grandpa knows about everything, and all he says is true!
When I ask too many questions he’d say, “What now, little Buckaroo?”

“Grandpa,” I asked, “Is it true what they say in Sunday school, about Jesus and the lost...
Did he really die for all my sins, and nail them to a cross?”

“Oh yes,” Grandpa replied, “Of all I know that’s true,
The greatest treasure ever known, is Jesus Christ in you!

–Christopher W. French
"My Grandpa" By Christopher W. French
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