"Mary Magdalene" By Christopher W. French

As I gaze upon the cross and see him suffering there
I remember kissing his feet, then wiping my hair.

Tears and perfume were all that I had...
My sins were so many, my life was so sad.

Nails piercing his feet, those I washed with tears
Laughter and mocking now filling his ears...

He healed their diseases, raised them from the dead,
and now they repay him with thorns in his head!!

"Oh Lord... the pain that you bear...
was it for my sin they nailed you up there?"

I looked in his eyes and there I could see,
love and forgiveness pouring down upon me!

Great darkness and fear now cover this place...
Salvation has come for the whole human race!!

The cruelty the pain, Jesus died on that cross
He said that without it, the world would be lost!

Mary's my name, perhaps you knew,
I was the one who had seven demons too!

My torment, my guilt, Jesus took all away..
Forgiveness and love now, fill me each day!!

--Christopher W. French
In the Gospel of Luke 7:36-50, no name was given for the repentant women who "lived a sinful life"
and washed the feet of Jesus. Our early Church fathers, tradition, (and myself) believe it was, Mary
Magdalene. However, there is no proof of this in the Bible one way or the other. We are certain
however that; Mary Magdalene did have seven demons cast out, witnessed the crucifixion of Christ,
was a devout follower of Jesus, and that He appeared to her first at the Resurrection.
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