"Salvation, Blessings and Heartfelt Prayers"
By Lea Dyer Snow

I was washed in the blood of salvation when Jesus whispered my name,
From my heart he took all the anger, the helplessness, and the shame.

With His blood I was cleansed of my bitter past, and my future does now look bright,
I have been brought out of the darkness of evil, and into His sin cleansing light.

For the Dove of Freedom has saved me from this world that man has destroyed,
But thanks be to you precious Savior, my life is not stagnant nor void.

Thank you Jesus for my uplifting, and for giving the gift of your love,
With humble adoration I do praise Thee, and welcome Thy gifts from above.

Stay by me that I will not falter, nor forget the blessings you gave,
Help keep my feet on the road of the righteous, for that road of pure gold you did pave.

Be my guide in my quest for learning, and my teacher in the search for truth,
Be my friend in the pursuit of forgiveness, take me back to the innocence of youth.

Open my ears for the cries of the needy, and my eyes for the blindness of faith,
Strengthen my arms to embrace those  who need comfort, For my heart it does ache and is rathe.

Keep me pure in my words and my actions, and strong in my need of your love,
Give me hope in your promise of mercy, write my name in your tome high above.

Wrap me tight in the embrace of your wisdom, keep me warm in the glow of your sight,
Be my anchor when trials try to claim me, and my lighthouse when my ship is in plight.

I have asked so many thing of you, but pray you will answer my need,
For with you and the right of my body, my soul will joyfully feed.
                                                      Inspired by God and by
                                                      His Grace...
                                                                     Lea Dyer Snow
"Give Me Peace" By Lea Dyer Snow

Lord, in this hour I need you, more than words could ever tell.
I feel as if I'm stranded on shores between heaven and hell...

I know you haven't left me, yet my heart feels void of hope.
I feel as if I'm hanging on an old and thread worn rope...

I feel as if my hearts been torn from the breast from which it came.
And sunshine will no longer fill my life, only clouds of darkness and rain...

I know this will pass,
and you will be there to give me comfort and strength and hope.
But until then I can't help the feeling that I'm down to that last thread of rope...

If it breaks, you'll be there to catch me, and raise me back to my feet...
But for now my world is in turmoil, and the essence of life is not sweet...

Give me power to overcome my oppression, and let sunshine back on my face.
Let your spirit overwhelm my cold dark heart,
and let me bask in your warmth giving grace...

Give rest to my tempest of yearning, and faith to my sore lacking soul.
Let me again laugh with my family. Rescue me from this pit in Sheol.

With praise I do worship your blessings, with humility, I ask my release.
From this den of despair I ask mercy...show favor on me...give me peace.

--Lea Dyer Snow
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