"Amazing Grace" By Christopher W. French

I wandered from God, He reached out for me...
"Don’t worry my Father," He let me go free!

Life for a while was better I thought...
Though pleasures abundant, contentment was not.

All that I owned was fleeing away,
and soon I had nothing, with nowhere to stay!

Starving and cold, I made way for home...
Why did I leave him?...why did I roam?

My blistering feet reminded me so...
how life was much better, before I did go.

"Oh Father!" I cried... my home I could see!
Way off in the distance, He came running for me!!

Tears filled my eyes.... would He love me again?
Is there room in His Kingdom, for such who have sinned?

With arms open wide He held me with love
Rejoicing in Heaven resounding above!

"My Father, I’ve sinned!" I wept and I cried
He held me so tight and looked in my eyes...

"I know you were lost, but now you are found
Listen above, rejoicing sounds!!"

"Forgiveness my son, is never denied,
For once you were dead, but now are alive!"

--Christopher W. French
Christopher W. French
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