This video was taken in June of 2006, just after we finished Paul's first album, Journey To Bethlehem.
Paul would always choose 3 sets of conga drums to play whenever possible, (as he is also playing
here, though his large set of congas are hidden from us by the smaller Junior LP set in front) because
they offer more variety of sounds with their different sizes and shapes and also add to the fun and
enjoyment of playing. I was playing my Yamaha Oak Custom drum set along with him, using soft
mallets rather than drum sticks to create a more equal volume level for the video camera microphone.
Paul and I always enjoy getting together and playing our music, whether I'm on the piano or the drums,
we have a great time! Because of our many years of playing together, in church or at home, we feel very
comfortable and connected musically to one another, pretty much knowing what the other person is
going to do before they do it. Playing drum solos like this one here comes very natural to us. Paul's love
for the congas when he was only 8 years old, and then playing together for hours on end really gave me
inspiration to play better myself. Our goal was to learn a new percussion rhythm and drum beat every
week, then applying them to songs I wrote on the piano. We made many trips to the music stores as
well, trying-out new and unusual percussion instruments they had on display that we would then add to
our collection of toys. Many of the percussion rhythms and piano melodies we developed over the
years we used in the Journey To Bethlehem album. The conga drums were used all throughout our
Journey To Bethlehem album, but some of the more obvious songs to hear Paul's conga drums are songs
The Queen of Sheba, The Shepherd Boy, Journey To Bethlehem and The Walls of Jericho. God is
so amazing and wonderful how He used and orchestrated all our many years of playing together into an
Instrumental Christian CD! Not only that, God willing, we hope to create more Christian Music and
Instrumentals in the years to come!

We hope that our little drum solo has brightened your day, and whether you play percussion instruments
yourself or just enjoy listening to them, we thank you for taking the time to read this web page and
listening to our music for the LORD! God is GOOD...So GOOD...all the time!
God bless...
Christopher W. French
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Paul's Drum Solo's
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"Journey To Bethlehem"
Song List...
Album Medley
1. Joshua   4:11
Ruth and Boaz   4:25
King David's Palace   3:25
The Queen of Sheba   3:28
Exodus   4:32
Journey To Bethlehem   4:21
Pharaoh and the
Taskmasters   3:38
The Jewish Carpenter   3:55
The Walls of Jericho   3:23
Wedding Feast at Cana   4:01
The Triumphal Entry   3:31
The Shepherd Boy   3:56
Jammin' for Jesus   10:30
Total Run Time 57min 18sec
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More about Paul and Photos
Music written and composed by
Paul and Christopher W. French
Paul French
Paul began playing
percussion at 8 years old.
Standing on wooden boxes
and crates to reach his
conga's and drums, Paul
studied hard and used his
talents for the Lord. He
performed in countless
worship services and
programs throughout his 8
years of learning experience
under the guidance and
direction of Robby Robinson,
keyboard player and band
director for Frankie Valli and
the Four Seasons.
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Paul French
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