1. Pure and Simple
2. He’s The Love In My Life
3. Psalm 23
4. Fear The Lord
5. Praise You (Psalm 9)
6. Living Water
7. I Will Sing To The Lord
8. Think About Forever
9. Rejoice
10. Our Emotions Don't
Promise Salvation
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Alleluia, Alleluia. Our emotions don’t promise salvation. Our feelings don’t make it true
It’s the precious blood of our Lord Jesus who died for me and you.
I once did live in darkness like sheep that had gone astray
And then one day He saved me. He took my sin away. The love the joy the tenderness
I wept at Jesus feet. An empty soul awaken now He made my life complete.
Oh, Alleluia, Alleluia. Alleluia, Alleluia.

Verse 2;
Seasons pass, days go by. Trials they come my way.
My love my joy, my faithfulness, they change from day to day.
I know that I am weak I’ll pray and God reveals to me
“Don’t be misled my child by your emotions My Son has set you free!”
All those who are born of his Spirit through faith in His only Son
Will not perish but have life eternal, we need to go and tell everyone!

Verse 3;
Seasons pass, days go by. Trials they come our way.
Our love ,our joy, our faithfulness, they change from day to day.
There will be doubts and fears at times we all need to be assured.
Oh praise the Lord for His faithfulness and His everlasting word.

By Christopher W. French
Rhythm on the Rock Productions
Dominique and Christopher
November 11, 2005
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Rhythm On The Rock Productions
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Rhythm On The Rock Productions
Our Emotions Don’t Promise Salvation; is a Christian
song that tells the story of a person who once lived in
darkness, like a sheep that had gone astray, until one
day Jesus saved that person. At first, the new born
Christian was filled with inexpressible joy. Later on
however, the person’s emotions were not as high as
they were before after being saved. Concerned and
alarmed, the person believes that God had left them for
some unknown reason, or that God was unhappy with
them! I know many new Christians can experience this
same scenario, they feel that if their emotions and
spiritual highs come down, God abandoned them, and
they become very frightened and discouraged. I
remember the same thing happened to me when I was
first saved. That’s why I wrote this song, it’s not about
our feelings, it’s about what Jesus did for us on the
cross at Calvary. God promised He would never leave
or forsake us. It’s natural for our emotions to go up and
down, but our faith and salvation in Christ remains solid
and sure, because it was founded upon His Word and
promises, not our feelings!
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