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Enjoy our Photo Galleries with inspirational stories and Bible verses!
See spectacular photos by Dave French, photographer and writer for Rhythm On the Rock.
Read his Inspirational Christian writings in connection with his photos. Enjoy the treasures of
Dave's collection from over 30 years of climbing and hiking experience in the great out-doors!
Are you carrying a heavy burden in life?
Does guilt or depression keep you from believing God can really forgive you, and above all, love you?
Find encouragement and assurance from the Gospel Message!  
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Watch a short video on the forgiveness of sins - The Thief On The Cross
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Photo-collages with Christian quotes and Bible verses to encourage and inspire!
Also, see Dave's Website - Timberline Trails
Free Desktop Wallpaper with Nature photos and Bible verses HERE!
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See beautiful artwork by, Jackie Claflin!
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Jackie is the author of eight art instruction books "Claflin`s Windows Of My World" published by Susan
Scheewe. Since 1983 the publishing company "The Leanin`Tree" in Boulder, Colorado have used 39 of her
paintings on their Christmas and all occasion cards. The American Diabetes Assoc. has published her works
on their Christmas Cards and in their calendars for the Gift Of Hope Catalog. Her art work has been used by
Crown Point, Barton Cotton and other publishers as well for various associations such as the National
Rifleman`s Assoc.,The Air Force, The National Geographics,The Smithsonian Inst., Boats US, The
Salavotorians, the Cancer Society, The Catholic Sisters, the American Diabetes Association and others. Her
natural and professional training come together in her creation of her lovely paintings which are sought after
by many!
Go to Front Porch Inspirations by Marie Williams
Front Porch Inspirations  Click here
Enjoy beautiful Christian Poetry and Short Stories by, Marie Williams! Find
comfort and peace throughout her many inspirational web pages of beauty!
Read Devotions by Charles Spurgeon
See Bible Stories with Pictures
Enjoy Bible Stories and Devotions by Charles H. Spurgeon
One of the greatest preachers of all times! Click here  
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Read about fear, depression and anxiety by Dave French