If you are interested in taking Piano, Guitar or Drum Lessons,
and are from the Santa Clarita Valley, California, then you are
in the right place! I have taught music for many years. I am very
good with teaching both young children and adults in a fun and
friendly environment. If you would like to contact me, my phone
number is-
My email address is- cwfrench55@yahoo.com

Watch one of my video's
here. (You will see my music studio too)
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YouTube Channel of piano playing videos!
I look forward to hearing from you!
Christopher W. French
Over the years I have found that private music lessons are
the most effective in learning musical instruments. Each
individual student learns at a different rate and intensity
from one another. To lump them all together in a class
where they are all taught the same lesson, is simply not the
best. We all have different gifts and learning abilities, and
especially in music.

In the case of a music class with multiple students, it can be
very discouraging for some who want to move forward at a
faster rate, or, very discouraging for those who get behind
and lose interest altogether. The advantage in taking private
lessons is the instructor can work one-on-one with the
student, according to his or her specific needs, which in the
long run will build a stronger foundation and fulfillment.  

I take pride in each student I teach. The lessons are
different for each individual to insure they are progressing
and enjoying the instrument they play and love. Perhaps a
student would like to participate in a school or church
talent show; we would then change to a music piece of their
choice and skill level, ahead of time, to get them ready for
the performance to follow.

Another great advantage in taking private music lessons; is
that you won't be moved from one teacher to another, as can
be the case in many music studios. Often musicians who are
hired to teach get a better offer somewhere else, or the gig
they have been waiting for, which can cause great turnover
and impersonal relationships with the students. Many of the
photos of students seen here on this web page I have taught
from early grade school to college age and beyond.

Learning music is like learning another language, and
becoming skillful at playing your instrument is a real
self-esteem booster, something I'm sure every person could
use a little more of these days! The world of music is a
great thing to be part of, whether you're young or old.

To add to the fun of learning the drums for example,
because I play piano/keyboard, the drummer (student) and I
play along together. This adds so much fun while enforcing
and applying the skills they have learned previous. There is
nothing like playing live with another person, music skills
and enjoyment build more with every lesson! To know how
to apply their instrument with others in a band is very
crucial in learning. This method of mine for teaching is also
applied for piano and guitar as well. The student sees how
their lessons are paying off!

You can see by the expressions on these students faces, as
with Robert on the drums, they are very proud of what they
have worked hard for, knowing that not just anybody can
pick up an instrument and play. It's a talent and skill that
takes years to develop! And to this day, I have never heard
anyone tell me that they regret learning the piano, drums,
guitar, or any other instrument for that matter. Music can
last a lifetime, you'll never outgrow it. No matter how good
you become you can always do better, and have fun in the
meantime, that's what keeps the musician going!

My music studio is very comfortable, spacious and
relaxing. I encourage parents to stay and listen during
lessons, if possible, but not required. Most parents bring a
magazine to read, or their computer laptop, to get a little
work done during the lesson(s). I don't require any contract
to sign or payment in advance, you are only required to pay
after each lesson. If you let me know in advance that you
will be taking a vacation, or your child is ill, there will be
no charge and you will not loose your time slot. Spaces are
limited because of my schedule. I teach an average of 15 to
25 students on a regular basis. Most students continue for
multiple years of learning. It's not unusual to have a student
for over 7 years.

Some studies suggest that music lessons provide children
with important developmental benefits beyond simply the
knowledge or skill of playing a musical instrument.
Research suggests that musical lessons may enhance
intelligence and academic achievement, build self-esteem
and improve discipline.

My music studio is located in Saugus, near Seco Canyon
and Pamplico, with easy access and plenty of parking.  

Give me a call and let's get started!
Christopher W. French

Call now 661-313-2221
or email - cwfrench55@yahoo.com
These photos above are from one
my music recitals in 2001.
Santa Clarita, California
Learn to Play Piano, Drums or Guitar!
Each student will receive specialized, personal training with lesson plans
designed to accommodate his or her needs.

Over 20 Years of Teaching Experience.
Great for all Ages and Experience Levels.
Local in Santa Clarita for over 25 Years.
Professional Guidance every Step of the Way.
Parents or Guardians always Welcome to Watch and Listen during Lessons.
Cost is $30 per half hour lesson (one per week recommended)
All learning materials included (does not include instruments)
Your First Lesson is FREE with no obligation!
No words can describe the feeling I get when playing music. It takes my mind off
the daily routines and worries. It allows me to express my emotions and inner being.
A person can enjoy playing music at any level of experience.  
Private lessons for all ages. One-on-one
teaching techniques that really work!
Students will more fully understand the
music being played and underlying music
theory. Along with reading musical notation,
learn rhythmic techniques, controlling
tempo, recognizing time signatures, as well
as the theory of harmony, including chords
and key signatures. In addition to basic
theory, learn how to make the music sound
good; including tone, phrasing, and proper
use of dynamics. Learn how to improvise
and even write your own songs!
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Paul French - Journey To Bethlehem
Christopher W. French - The Man Of Sorrows
Dominique - Pure & Simple
Christopher W. French - Old-Time Gospel Hymns
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