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Album Medley
1.Sarai   3:41
2.Paul’s Song  2:54
3.The Man of Sorrows  2:46
4.Mary’s Lullaby  2:56
5.On Eagle’s Wings  2:19
6.Andrew’s Song  4:12
7.Samson and Delilia  3:57
8.Morning Star  2:04
9.Chasing the Wind  1:50
10.Psalm 51  3:18
11.The King’s Highway  3:06
12.True Lover’s Plea  2:59
13.Leap for Joy  1:44
14.Son of Jesse  2:40
15.Evening  1:36
Total Running Time 42:12
I give thanks;
To my precious Friend
and Savior, Jesus Christ.
For His great love and
compassion to me. His
death on the cross at
Calvary, that I may
receive the precious gift
of eternal life. For giving
me new hope and a reason
to live, so that every note
I play, every breath I take,
may be for Him.
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The Man of Sorrows song list;
©Rhythm On The Rock Productions
Music written and
composed by
Christopher W. French
Christopher W. French Music from
The Man of Sorrows album
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“The Man of Sorrows” (Album)        
Christopher W. French, song writer, producer and composer, brings to you a beautiful collection of piano
compositions and arrangements. His forty plus years of piano experience is only the beginning of what has
inspired this beautiful masterpiece. His piano compositions have stirred the emotions and hearts of countless
music lovers from all over the world. These original creations will quickly captivate your attention. You will
discover the treasure and beauty within each song as you hear the emotion and love Christopher pours into
his music. Peace and tranquility, joy and sorrow soon find their way into your heart after listening to these
simple, yet captivating arrangements. Whether it be the joyful melodies and rhythms of songs like “Leap for
Joy,”or the sadness and beauty of “The Man of Sorrows,” Christopher’s new album will make a beautiful
addition to your music library, and deepen your love and appreciation for inspirational piano music.
I give thanks to;
My sweet wife, Nancy. For all her patience and understanding during the countless long
hours of music writing and recording. For raising our four wonderful children and always
being there for me.

My four wonderful children, another precious gift from God! I dedicate this album to them.
For all the countless hours they would gather under my piano, and listen to me play, as they
fell asleep before I would carry them off to bed.

My mother. Who gave her never-ending time and patience to teach me the piano. I thank her
for making me play, even when I didn’t want to.

My family and friends who have all been there for me, who have made a difference in my
life and helped me to become who I am today!

All of you who enjoy this album, who have inspired me to pour my heart into this music! To
those of you, who have been looking for a peaceful, calming and relaxing piano album, I hope
you have found it here.
The following story is what I recall from my childhood, that which influenced my love for
the piano and music in general.
I was born in Topeka, Kansas during the 1950s, and was raised in a family of six children.
My mother and father were very musical themselves; my father played the tenor
saxophone during WWII in the Army band, and my mother played the piano and sang for
the Uncle Dave’s show on WIBW Radio for three years when she was 9-12 years old in
the late 1920s. She also played the piano and sang in the USO during WWII as well.

My father and mother insisted that all their six children would learn to play the piano, with
my mother of course, being our teacher. She believed in starting us off at the age of 7
years old, and by the time it was my turn in line, I had already seen 3 older brothers forge
the way ahead of me. This was a great advantage for me because I knew how the songs
went in the John Thompson’s piano books my mother used to teach us from. Naturally, as
with any young boy or girl learning an instrument, we at times would resist practicing the
30 minutes per day she had established for our lessons, however, my dad made it very
clear there would be no discussion in the matter. When I look back now, I am very grateful
for my mother and father’s perseverance, otherwise we all would have chosen less
rewarding things to do with our free time.     

For Christmas and Birthday gifts throughout our childhood, my mother would buy LP or
78 Records for each of us, from various artists which she believed would have a good
influence in our music upbringing, and also enjoyable for all to listen to. My earliest
remembrance, about 4 years old, was of a single 78 speed record, I’ve Been Working On
The Railroad, which I played over and over again! In 1955, Roger Williams, the pianist,
came out with his first big hit, Autumn Leaves, on KAPP Records. It was a beautiful piano
and orchestra instrumental, directed by, Glenn Osser, with Roger Williams playing runs on
his piano keyboard as if leaves were falling from the trees in Autumn. My mother gave
Autumn Leaves to my older brother, Dave, and it instantly became our favorite, which was
only the beginning of what was to come!  

Growing up in a family of six children, we accepted the necessity of sharing a bedroom
with our older brothers and sisters. We would always put on our favorite records and listen
to them as we fell asleep each night. The old record players could hold up to 6 LP records,
and we made sure it was full. Our most played selections included, Roger Williams, and his
album, Roger Williams Plays The Wonderful Music Of The Masters. This was an album
with piano only, with famous songs like, Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy, Liebestraum
by Franz Liszt, Malaguena by Ernesto Lecuona, Ritual Fire Dance by Manuel de Falla,
Rustles Of Spring by Christian Sinding, and many other piano compositions written by
famous Classical composers.

During a time when the majority of the kids my age were listening to Pop-Rock artists like,
The Beatles, The Monkees, The Mamas and the Papas, etc, I was listening to groups like,
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Al Hirt, Les Paul, and of course my favorite, Roger
Williams. I also loved listening to the Carpenters when they came out. Their first big hit in
1970 was, Close To You, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Richard and Karen
Carpenter were the greatest soft rock or easy listening group musicians ever in my opinion,
and there are very few who had a singing voice like Karen Carpenter. Their music had
great impact upon my life, and I’m sure there are multitudes of people who feel the same
way. It wasn’t that I disliked Pop or Rock Music, I enjoyed that as well as the others, and
listened to it everyday within our home from my brothers and sisters records and tapes
being played. But my first choice of music was instrumentals and easy listening, and
especially the piano.

Upon completing the John Thompson’s fourth grade piano book, my mother allowed us to
explore piano sheet music of our own choice. My first selection was Clair De Lune by
Claude Debussy, it was so inspiring to play and the intro is absolutely beautiful! When I
was 16 years old, I remember spending hours on end practicing, Rustles Of Spring. I finally
got the piano runs and arpeggios down pretty good. But one of my favorites, which I never
even attempted was, The Flight of the Bumblebee, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. I once
had the opportunity to see Roger Williams play that piano composition at the music
department of Cal State University Northridge. Although he was 76 years of age at the
time, he played the Flight of the Bumblebee perfectly and effortlessly! My son Paul and I
were so impressed to see him perform! Paul also enjoyed Roger Williams piano music
because of the cassette tapes we played in the car while Paul was growing up. Whenever
we played instrumental piano music in the car when our children were very young, they
would fall asleep for the whole ride, and then some!

During the 1980s I took drum lessons, which also helped me with my piano skills. Not only
were they fun to play, but the drums gave me a better sense of timing and contributed
much in the future towards writing my own music. By the late 1990s, and by the grace of
God, I was determined to write my own Christian music and piano compositions. In 2002,
I began the project of creating my first Christian album, Pure & Simple, with my niece,
Dominique, followed by, Cassandra Peterson, and her album, Hands In Wood. Both
albums were completed by early 2005. Later that year in December, I had also finished my
first Christian Piano album which I named, The Man Of Sorrows.

One beautiful day, I recall a time when I was moved by the Holy Spirit, to record a new
piano solo, an arrangement that I had played, (for no specific reason), in the key of A
Minor. I had no idea at the time what the song would be for, all I knew was to play and
record and see where it went. After recording for about 35 minutes, the song was
completed. That very same day I put it on my website, curious to see what people would
think of it. Within the first two weeks I was overwhelmed by what people thought, they
loved it!! The song had no title at that time, and I knew it was worthy of a name, so I
named it, The Man Of Sorrows.

The Man Of Sorrows was perfect! The song was written in the sad and beautiful key of A
Minor, and because it was played slowly and with much feeling, a person could imagine the
sorrows Jesus endured while living on this earth. Jesus is referred to as being a man of
sorrows in the Bible, in Isaiah chapter 53. The song fit the title very well, and it was what
inspired me to begin may first Christian Piano CD! As I continued writing and recording
these piano compositions they received great response and therefore motivated me to
complete the work which God had planned for me to do. Many of the melodies and
arrangements I had developed years before, and so it was time to put them all together in a
more structured form and Christian setting, giving all glory to God!

Sometimes I found the best method for naming these piano songs was to first write and
record them, then listen to them, and imagine what part or story of the Bible they could be
Mary’s Lullaby for example, was written in 3/4 time, like a waltz, it very much gave
me the feeling and visualization of the Virgin Mary rocking baby Jesus to sleep.
and Delilia was obvious to me, with it’s heavy and pronounced piano bass lines, it gave me
the strong impression of when Delilia called out, “Samson, the Philistines are upon you!”
Also, when the song plays sweetly, I imagine Delilia trying to persuade Samson to tell her
the secret of his great strength. God inspired the name of that piano composition well
before it was completed!

Chasing The Wind song was one that reminded me of the book of Ecclesiastes.
Meaningless, Meaningless, says the teacher! The wind blows to the South and turns to the
north, round and round it goes! The old rusted truck photo used for the song page was
perfect in showing how truly meaningless life is apart from God. That which is new today,
is soon forgotten tomorrow.
Sarai song, Sarai was Abram’s wife, and she was very
beautiful. Abram asked her to pretend that she was his sister, in fear of the Egyptians
killing him for her. As I wrote and recorded Sarai, I painted a picture in my mind of how
beautiful she might have been, and played my piano for what I had imagined. This method
for naming the song titles for The Man Of Sorrows album are throughout it’s entirety,
Paul’s Song and Andrew’s Song, which are the names of my two sons. The
stories behind those song titles are found on the music web pages themselves. I also have
two daughters, and some day I will write songs for them as well, God willing.

Thank you for reading my story today. The greatest joy I have found in writing and
recording Christian Music is sharing it with others, for without ears to listen, it would all be
meaningless. I hope you enjoy this album and have found a peaceful and relaxing music to
bless your days. The sales generated from our Christian Music helps support our ministry.
Advertising costs on the Internet are very expensive, along with broadband usage for
streaming our music to our visitors and website maintenance, therefore we sincerely
appreciate your support.

I am forever grateful to God for the opportunity of creating piano instrumentals dedicated
to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I very much look forward to creating another album
like The Man Of Sorrows. I believe this music is very unique in the fact that it’s theme and
heart is inspired from Biblical times and stories. By the grace of God and His inspiration, I
hope to make another album very soon! May God richly bless you, this day and always!
Christopher W. French
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Short version from "The Man Of Sorrows" album.
Video created February 19, 2007.  Running time 2min 37sec
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Christopher W. French
Christopher W. French - 1977
Christopher W. French 11-11-05
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See this video!
Here is a photo of me with my first piano after I was
married, in our first home. It was an old upright piano from
the late 1800s, given to me by my mother in law.

When I was dating my wife Nancy, before we were
married, I would play this old piano of theirs and her
mother always enjoyed hearing me play. Years later after
we were married, Nancy’s mother gave me this old piano
because we were not able to afford one of our own. But I
surely did miss the pianos I played when I was growing up;
this old upright was a beast to play, with its heavy old ivory

It was taken apart at the time of this photo because I was
repairing the external wooden cabinet and replacing many
of the bridal-straps and springs. Our first little home was
built around 1905, which at the time was used for workers
of the olive groves in the surrounding areas.  In this photo I
was 21 years old. It’s amazing how the years fly by!
Music and the Man of Sorrows:

Throughout history of mankind, music has always been a very big part of life, whether in
times of celebration or in times of sorrow. It’s often been referred to as the universal
language. Music can have a powerful influence on our emotions and state of mind. It can
make us cry, as it brings back memories. It can also bring joy and happiness, even anger.
Music can bring calming and peace, or it can send us off to war (as with many of the
patriotic songs throughout history). No doubt about it, music can have an effect on
everybody, young or old, body and soul.

God created us in His own image, and He loves music too. Throughout the Bible God tells
us again and again, "Sing a new song unto the Lord, play skillfully and shout for joy!” (See
Psalm 33:1-3) Worship and Praise Music is very important to a Christian’s life. We can
express our love and thankfulness to God for all the wonderful things He has done, and
continues to do for us. It also helps us keep our mind on what’s really important in this life,
and the life ahead to come.

The piano compositions in this album are very peaceful and relaxing, with a calming effect
on both body and mind. In today’s world of hustle and bustle, we need to stop and take
some time out to refresh ourselves. We believe this Christian piano music album, “The
Man of Sorrows” will be a great way for you to be renewed and refreshed daily; and even
more so as we meditate on Jesus Christ, the Man of Sorrows.  

The Man of Sorrows;
He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering.
Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
Isaiah 53:3

The prophecy of Isaiah chapter 53 needs no proof to confirm that it was fulfilled in Jesus
Christ. Our Redeemer was eminently the object of contempt and scorn by the Pharisees,
Sadducees, Romans, and multitudes of others. In his life on earth it was so; in his death it
was still so; and since then, even today, his name and person have been extensively the
object of contempt. He was even rejected by his own people; the Jews, who looked
forward to the coming of their Messiah (of whom He was, and is). He was rejected by the
rich; the great and the learned; people of every grade, age and rank. No prophecy was ever
more strikingly fulfilled. And although he was/is despised and rejected, he shall take away
the glory of all kings and the proud of heart!

A Man of Sorrows - what a beautiful expression! A man who was so sad and sorrowful;
whose life was so full of sufferings, that it might describe him so perfectly. He was
acquainted with grief, sickness, disease, anxiety, affliction, evil and calamity, as he took up
our infirmities and carried our sorrows; in severe sufferings, both of body and of soul.
There is no evidence that Jesus himself was sick at any time (which is remarkable) but
there is evidence in abundance that he was familiar with all kinds of sorrow, and that his
own life was a life of grief; one from whom men hide their faces.

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the
punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.
Isaiah 53:5 NIV

Since we are made of flesh and blood, he too shared in our humanity so that by his death
he might destroy him who holds the power of death — that is, the devil— and free those
who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death. For this very reason he had to
be made like his brothers in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and
faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the
whole world!

Therefore, we rejoice in God our Redeemer – The Man of Sorrows – JESUS CHRIST,
who took away the sins of the whole world by his sufferings and death on the cross! (See
Isaiah chapter 53, and Hebrews 2:14-18)

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth
in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the
world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that
believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already,
because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. John 3:16-18
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