Dominique, May, 2007
1. Pure and Simple
2. He’s The Love In My Life - Now Playing
3. Psalm 23
4. Fear The Lord
5. Praise You (Psalm 9)
6. Living Water
7. I Will Sing To The Lord
8. Think About Forever
9. Rejoice
10. Our Emotions Don't
Promise Salvation
Song lyrics; 2. HE’S THE LOVE IN MY LIFE

Have you ever been lonely in need of a friend?
Have you ever felt life should never have been?
That’s the way that I was now before I met Jesus
And now, He’s the love in my life.

He’s the love He’s the love He’s the love in my life I love Jesus
Growing stronger every day. Oh Lord, You’re the love in my life.

Jesus, healer of my soul. Savior your love has made me whole.
Take my life and lead me Lord I pray.
My love for you grows stronger every day.

Verse 1 Repeat;

By Christopher W. French
Rhythm on the Rock Productions
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Songs from the album, Dominique - Pure & Simple
Rhythm On The Rock Productions
He’s The Love In My Life. This song was written on
a beautiful day in December, 2002. I remember
looking out the window of my music studio, watching
the sky as white puffy clouds blew by. I recalled a
time in my life many years before, when I was
broken and felt like there was no hope for tomorrow,
that is, until Jesus came along and saved me from the
depths of despair. Read more about that
here. I was
so moved with joy down deep in my heart that day,
that I found myself playing notes and chords on my
piano to this song. The song lyrics too, made their
way on paper that same afternoon. Later that
evening, Dominique came by and I played the new
song for her, she instantly fell in love with it! I could
see her heart was deeply moved as she pleaded with
me to be the one to sing it. I’m glad she did, because
now I can’t imagine it done any other way!
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