Cassandra Peterson
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In the following story, I would like to take the time to share with you some of the things
about this album that had great meaning to me, both in the process of writing these songs,
and also in recording them as well. In the early part of 2002, I began writing Christian
music which had great meaning and lyrics based on the Gospel message. Remembering the
time in my own life, when God rescued me from outer darkness, I spent many hours
listening to the
Haven of Rest Quartet sing Gospel songs that had great impact towards my
spiritual growth and healing, because they were based on Scripture itself. Therefore, I was
motivated to do the same, to write inspiring Christian songs that would bring
encouragement to people, to build-up their faith and spiritual growth in Jesus Christ, the
Savior of the world!

The earliest writing of music in this album was, Dwell In You, written in March of 2002,
but I will begin with the songs in order as they are arranged in the album itself.

Father of Light is first. One sunny morning in August of 2003, I remember working on the
chords and lyrics to this song when I overheard in the other room, my kids (older
teenagers) boasting over who would be the fastest in a race through the canyon with their
cars. Concerned in hearing this, I approached them and warned them to drop the subject!
But they assured me they were not serious and were only having fun. However, they were
very serious, and later that day I received a phone call from my oldest son with panic and
sorrow in his voice, exclaiming that his younger sister had just lost control of her vehicle
and went off the road, totaling her boyfriend’s car (a Corvette) in the stream below! When
I arrived at the scene, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the vehicle was twenty feet below street
level, buried in swamp brush and river rock! When I followed the vehicle’s path of how it
got there, I was stricken with fear, seeing that she had gone between two large trees,
perfectly, where as if the vehicle would have been off course by only a couple of feet, she
would have been killed instantly! She remembered nothing of how it happened because it
all took place within an instant due to the high speed. The paramedics were also amazed
that she survived when they saw the vehicle. They told us that the week before, a man lost
his life on that same turn! When I returned home that day I made note to all, that God in
His great mercy, had spared our daughter’s life! Needless to say, they never raced again.
For this very experience of almost losing my daughter, Father of Light found it’s lyrics. As
Cassandra sings in the beginning lines, “Ooh when I see the world and it’s sorrows, I know
life can be unsure. And sometimes I feel all my hope is gone, another day I won’t endure.”
I found that life’s experiences played a big part in writing my Christian music, and I know
others can relate too, although they may have different circumstances and trials.

Hands In Wood is such a great name for a Gospel song because of it’s double meaning.
Jesus was the son of a carpenter, Joseph. He and his father worked for a living with their
hands in wood. Upon the cross at Calvary, Jesus died with His hands in wood, that of an
old rugged cross. This Christian song is very bold in sharing the Gospel message. In
January of 2004, this song was created, as God inspired me with beautiful cords (Gm6
being one of my favorites) telling the story of Jesus life on earth; “Sandaled feet, wind-
blown hair, living a life with so much to share!” As the song unfolds, “Cold sharp nails
pierced His hands, And blood flowed down from the Lamb, Love sent from heaven so
misunderstood, they nailed His hands in wood!” It was a cloudy afternoon I remember
very well, as God poured out these song lyrics into my head. I couldn’t hold back the tears
as I wrote them down, imaging in my mind, the pain and sorrow Jesus endured for all our
sins. When Cassandra came later to sing the song and record, I was moved once again by
the words, she sang them with such feeling and passion! Joe Diblasi, our guitarist, played
beautifully with his acoustic guitar talents, giving the song country flavor and tenderness it

The Shepherd Song, was written with that famous picture in mind, of Jesus our Good
Shepherd, holding little baby lambs in His arms, protecting them and keeping them safe.
The lyrics sing of how we wander off as lost sheep, but then Jesus brings us back.
Cassandra sings, “Shepherd of love, God of all creation, Hold me in your arms, Carry me
forever. You are my strength and my salvation, Carry me Shepherd, home to eternal life!”
So often we as Christians think we need to hold on to God, but the fact is, God holds on
to us! Nothing, or no one, can take us from His loving arms! Praise God for our Good
Shepherd, Jesus Christ!

New Life Begins, I remember writing this song in my head as we drove to Oregon one
year, to visit my wife’s brother and family. I kept imagining Jesus carrying His cross
through the streets of Jerusalem. When my wife would take her turn driving the car, so I
could rest, I closed my eyes, and went back in time, to Jerusalem, to the crowded streets,
and there I saw Jesus carrying that horrible cross. But yet, for us that cross was beautiful,
for without it we would still be lost! This upbeat Christian song begins very sad and grim,
but then turns to inexpressible joy and praise to the Lamb of God from Heaven! “Though
my sins be red as scarlet, They are washed white as snow. Forgiving all my sin and pain
within, new life begins!” This song was written with a Techno beat and style, which I
really enjoy! With it’s fast tempo (148 bpm) and electronic sound effects from my
keyboard, this song is fun to listen to, as well as being very meaningful with it’s Gospel
lyrics. Cassandra sings beautifully, praising God for receiving the forgiveness of all our
sins! For those who believe in Christ, we are a new creation, the old has passed, the new
has come! Indeed, New Life Begins!  

Delight In The Lord! Was created with a shuffle blues feel, and because of Joe Diblasi’s
great guitar playing, you can always count on a Country Rock n’ Roll touch too! This
upbeat Christian song was based on Psalms 37:4-6, 40:4 and 36:7-8. It reminds us of the
promise from God, that if we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our
heart. I believe the work we do for the Kingdom of God should be something we enjoy
doing with all our heart! To be part of a ministry that we don’t get excited over, is not
enjoyable, and it becomes a task. Most likely at that point we are in the wrong ministry,
struggling to be faithful to it’s needs, losing zeal for God’s work. But if we serve in the
areas and skills we enjoy doing most, we excel, and delight ourselves in the Lord, and His
work! There are countless ways we can serve God, and He can use our talents and gifts
for His Kingdom no matter what they may be. For me it’s Christian music and website
building, piano and drums. For you it may be visiting the sick, teaching, floral arranging,
singing, cooking, sewing, repair work, new construction, puppet shows, mechanical skills,
helping in Sunday school, painting, mowing the lawn, etc, etc. Whatever it is, put your
hand to the plow that you enjoy doing, and you won’t look back. Delight yourself in the
Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!

On The Road To Emmaus, is a beautiful Christian song which tells the story from the
Gospel of Luke 24:13-32, of when two disciples were on their way to the little village of
Emmaus. The disciples were very sad and downcast, because they didn’t know yet that
Jesus had risen from the dead. Then Jesus himself came up and walked along with them,
but they were kept from recognizing him. And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets,
he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. As they
approached the village, Jesus acted as if he were going farther. But they urged him
strongly, "Stay with us, for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over." So he went in to
stay with them. When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it
and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and
he disappeared from their sight. Then they asked one another, "Were not our hearts
burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?"
---For the disciples hearts burning within (as they talked with Jesus), is what inspired me to
write this song. Cassandra Peterson sings the chorus so beautifully, “Burn within us, oh
Holy Spirit, Burn within this heart of mine. Burn within us, Risen Savior, Love that will
last for all time!” Even today, over two thousand years later, Jesus burns within our hearts
as we talk with Him along the way!
Christopher W. French    
Music composed and written by
Christopher W. French
Cassandra Peterson delivers a timeless album of Christian Praise and
Worship Music with a Country/Pop flavor. She brings glory and honor to the
King of Kings with the powerful message of the Gospel within each song
lyric. Her down to earth approach gives her music a sincere and close to
heart feeling. Exciting guitar solos and beautiful vocal harmonies make this
album a true classic. Enjoy the various musical rhythms including
Rock n Roll, Reggae and even Techno, a form of electronic dance music.
Fall more in love with Jesus while Cassandra tells the beautiful stories of
the Gospel in music and song. Words of Life on the Wings of Melody!
Music From:
Song list for "Hands in Wood"
1. Father Of Light   3:54
Hands In Wood  3:23
The Shepherd Song   3:22
New Life Begins   4:47
Delight In The Lord   2:36
On The Road To Emmaus 4:20
The Way You Love Me  3:11
Sunrise  2:55
I Wan'na Be Like Jesus  3:29
He's The Rock In My Roll 3:13
Dwell In You  3:39
This I Know  3:28

Total Running Time  42:21
Many thanks to Chris, for
your patience, friendship,
encouragement, and for
giving me the privilege of
singing these amazing
songs. Thank you to my
beautiful family, my dear
husband and four sweet
children, who so lovingly
encouraged me to “go
sing.” Special Thanks to my
Mom and Dad for your
unconditional love and the
many sacrifices you’ve
made for me. Thank you
heavenly Father, for your
total orchestration of this
project and your perfect
plan for this music. May it
be worthy to be used by
you to draw others closer
to our Lord, Savior, healer
and friend....Jesus Christ.
Cassandra Peterson
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