1. Father Of Light
2. Hands In Wood - Now Playing
3. The Shepherd Song
4. New Life Begins
5. Delight In The Lord
6. On The Road To Emmaus
7. The Way You Love Me
8. Sunrise
9. I Wan'na Be Like Jesus
10. He's The Rock In My Roll
11. Dwell In You
12. This I Know
Song lyrics;  2. HANDS IN WOOD

Sandaled feet, wind-blown hair
Living a life with so much to share.
He came to heal and do all he could.
Jesus, carpenter, with his hands in wood.

The blind and lame, the crippled came,
Lepers, dead rose from the grave.
No one like Jesus was ever before.
Gave all he had and so much, so much more.

CHORUS: Jesus savior hands in wood
Living a life no other could
I know that God so loved the world
With his hands in wood.

He came to His own and they received him not
It was the things of this world and power they sought
This king sent from heaven they wanted to kill.
Jesus the savior did His father’s will.

Cold sharp nails pierced his hands,
And blood flowed down from the lamb
Love sent from heaven so misunderstood
They nailed His hands in wood.


By Christopher W. French
Rhythm on the Rock Productions
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Songs from the album, Cassandra Peterson - Hands in Wood
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