1. Pure and Simple
2. He’s The Love In My Life
3. Psalm 23
4. Fear The Lord - Now Playing
5. Praise You (Psalm 9)
6. Living Water
7. I Will Sing To The Lord
8. Think About Forever
9. Rejoice
10. Our Emotions Don't
Promise Salvation
Song lyrics;  4. FEAR THE LORD   
Proverbs 1:7

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom knowledge and truth.
Worldly wisdom will perish, God’s word will stand firm for all time.
The Word made flesh dwelt among us. The Lord Jesus our Savior He

Trust in Him and His word your soul will find peace from above.
Fear the Lord days are passing by there may not be tomorrow.
If you live in darkness come into His light. Fear the Lord.

Are you lost, feeling empty, without meaning or purpose in life?
There’s a God who loves you and He died on a cross for your sins.
Seek the Lord He cares for you .He longs to me your friend.
Walk in faith and trust in Him. He will give you life. Fear the Lord.

By Christopher W. French
Rhythm on the Rock Productions
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Rhythm On The Rock Productions
Fear The LORD. This Christian Pop song was built
from Proverbs 1:17. The fear of the LORD is the
beginning of wisdom, knowledge and truth! It tells of the
importance of coming to the LORD, to fear Him above
all things, which is how a person gains true wisdom!
The world’s wisdom is foolishness in God’s eyes, and
those who fear God in Jesus Christ, are the wisest of all.
The song lyrics also invite anyone who is lost, feeling
lonely, without hope, to come to the LORD, for He
cares for you and longs to be your friend, your Savior!
For those who know Jesus as their Savior, this Gospel
song is a great reminder for how we all need to
evangelize and share the Gospel message with those
around us who don’t know Jesus! This song is very
motivating and fun to listen to with it’s up-beat music
rhythms, drum sounds and vocal harmonies!
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Dominique, San Buenaventura State Beach Park, May 2007
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