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Mt Moran is located within
the Grand Teton National
Park with an elevation of
12,605 ft.
Mt. Moran by; Dave French
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Mt. Moran
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All Photos by Dave French
Story by
Dave French
Below is the story line for each photo, which is also shown along the way in this Mount Moran
Photo Gallery by, Dave French.

Photo 1
Mt Moran is a beautiful mountain that is located within the Grand Teton National Park, and it rises 12,605 ft above sea level.
Storms were moving in, and we had to wait for a window of clear weather before starting the climb. But in the meantime, we
were preparing our minds for action. Preparing ones mind when it comes to the things of God, however, is something we need to
do not just on special occasions, but on a daily basis.

Photo 2
The best approach to the CMC climbing route on Mt Moran involves a canoe paddle to the base of the mountain, and getting
started early is always best. Here you see our small band of climbers setting out on the second leg of the watery journey on Leigh
Lake. The calm waters are wonderful to paddle on, and the mirror like surface gives one a sense of great beauty and peace. God
must have had a scene similar to this in mind, when He had David write the most famous Psalm of all, Psalm 23.

Photo 3
Watching Mike work up the steep canyon of Mt Moran while carrying a full pack of provisions and climbing equipment gave me
an impression of extreme hard work. But if you are going to be a successful mountain climber, you can be sure that you are going
to be involved in a lot of hard work. God’s Word tells us the same thing when it comes to making a profit in life. If we want to be
successful, it takes hard work.

Photo 4
High camp and the chance to rest before the final push to the summit is vital. Matt, on the far end, and my Son Sean, turn in early
so as to get as much sleep as possible before the next day dawns. God wants each of us to take time out each and every week to
recharge our batteries, so that we can do our best for Him in life.

Photo 5
As Mike looks down, and as I view the Skillet Glacier below through the lens of my camera, I cannot help but feel a sense of
power when I consider the shear weight and granite hard surfaces of the ice below. Glaciers are capable of tearing down
mountains, and the forces are great. But where do these icy rivers come from? And why are they a part of this earth? Well God’s
Word gives us the answer.

Photo 6
Note the two small figures just below the top of the pinnacle in the center of the photo. I see sites like this often in the mountains
and they always amaze me. A site like this forces me to consider the great expanse of God’s awesome creation. I can’t help but
think, at times, that God must see us as pretty insignificant. But yet, wonder of wonders, He cares for us and is mindful of us.

Photo 7
The above photo is of Sean scaling one of several pitches on the steep CMC face of Mt Moran. When taking on a challenge like
this, a climber must have a certain amount of confidence when it comes to his or her abilities. But even climbers with the greatest
of confidence often fail. This is why our ultimate confidence should always be placed in the Lord, for He will never fail us.

Photo 8
Matt has just coiled the rope after the last pitch of the mountain. The Lord has blessed us with safety and success, and the summit
is ours. Our reward! A spectacular view! Deut 2:7 The LORD your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He has
watched over your journey through this vast desert. These forty years the LORD your God has been with you, and you have not
lacked anything. (NIV)

Photo 9
Behind Matt (left) and Sean (right), you see Jackson Lake, Wyoming. The lake is well over 5000 ft beneath us and you can see
what a great land mass it covers. But when you consider its size alongside the vastness of the universe, it shrinks to a pinhole of
water on a small round ball. We have a mighty God, and His power is great. May we trust Him always~

Photo 10
Almost back at the lake again, and the landscape has turned green once more. The climb is nearly over. After two days of being
surrounded by rock and ice, it is a welcome sight. Any fear that I once had on the heights above has been melted away by the
noon day sun and the lush green grass below. I need to fix this photo in my subconscious, so that next time I am fearful, I will be
able to revisit the scene in my mind, and remember that the Lord is more than able to take me from the heights of fear to the safe
green pastures of His love. Joel 2:21-22a Fear not, my people; be glad now and rejoice, for he has done amazing things for you.
Let the flocks and herds forget their hunger; the pastures will turn green again. The trees will bear their fruit; the fig trees and grape
vines will flourish once more. (TLB) May the Lord be with you in all your journeys ~ Dave French
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