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Please check our list below for answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Thank you.
Question - I'm looking for a song, can you help me find it?
Answer - Please see our detailed
song list here. If we don't have what you are looking for, please understand that we are unable to
take the time to search the Internet for your song, the task is too great for us to handle due to the quantity of people who ask.

Question - Do you have song tracks for your music that I can purchase?
Answer - Not at this time.

Question - Do you have sheet music available for your songs and videos?
Answer - Not at this time.

Question - Do you have music catalogs or free Christian literature you can send me?
Answer - No, everything about our Ministry and Christian Music is available here through this website.
Click here to see all our music.

Question - I would like to use your free download of
"The Entertainer" or Patriotic songs for a video project at school, is that OK?
Answer - Yes, you may use our
free MP3 downloads for school projects, websites and personal use, as long as it is not for profit.
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*We do not accept music demos.
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