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The California Deserts by; Dave French
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Below are the stories which go along with each of the photos in this California Deserts
Photo Gallery.

1) The Eureka Dunes located in the remote northwestern corner of Death Valley are truly impressive.
They are the second highest sand dunes in all of North America, rising close to 700 ft above the dry lake
bed that makes up their western base.

2) The erosion of the surrounding mountains and the never ending winds of the desert environment work
together to form sand dunes. The earth, as God tells us, is wearing out like a garment, but even in the
midst of this decaying process, God creates beauty as seen here on the Eureka dunes. The distant figures
only add to the sense of scale and beauty, as they near the highest point of this great mound of sand.

3) Snow cover in the high desert is not uncommon during the winter months. But very soon the
temperatures will change and the beauty of this light weight dusting of snow will provide life giving
moisture to this normally parched land. God's ways are perfect, and His provisions for the land always
blend in perfectly with the splendor of His awesome creation.

4) The mysterious moving stones that make up the most interesting part of a section of Death Valley
known as the Race Track, have baffled people since their discovery. It is said that no one has ever seen
them move, but the evidence of their movement is unmistakable. It is the same with the Spirit of God. No
man has ever seen the Spirit of God, but the evidence of His work is abundantly clear for all who are
willing to look.

5) Hardy plants that can grow under the most difficult of conditions are a trademark of desert life, just as
spiritual growth in the midst of a hostile world is the trademark of a spirit filled Christian.

6) The Jumping Cholla as seen here in Joshua Tree National Park, have some of the sharpest cactus
needles in the business. Having accidentally stepped on one of the fallen pieces, I discovered only too
painfully that the needles had no problem going right through the sole of my shoe.

7 ) Climbing up on one of the many desert rock piles enabled me to capture this section of Joshua Tree
National Park.

8) Deserts in the Southwestern United States are areas of extreme heat and minimal rainfall. But even
with such harsh conditions, the Lord can create unique beauty as seen here.        

9) Joshua Trees and mounds of rock make up the landscape of this desert scene. The Joshua Trees as
seen in the photo are the largest of the yuccas and grow only in the Mojave Desert. No where else in the
world will you see them.

10) Rock climbing is not normally associated with the desert, but as you can see, climbers make good use
of these desert rocks during winter and early spring months.

11) These railroad crossing signs were once in use warning motorists of approaching desert trains. They
now have been preserved in the backyard of a desert dweller, who now only hears the whistle of a distant
train in the recesses of his memory.

12) Trains are a common site in the Mojave Desert. No doubt, laying track in the more gentle terrain of
the desert beats the pants off laying track in the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains. Therefore, expect to
see sites like this, whenever you visit the Mojave Desert.

13) Multiple engines of massive power and multitudes of train cars are the order of the day for desert
trains. The Mojave Dessert is the route of choice for trains loaded with cargo bound for Southern

14) This twisted Joshua tree has seen better days, and as the sun sets, it seems eager for a good nights
rest from the scorching heat of the desert day.

15) Clouds on the horizon whisper the promise of coming rain, but far too often, the dry air of the
Mojave Desert, swallows all the moisture before it has a chance to hit the ground.

16) Towns are far and few between in the arid environment of the Mojave Desert and few people choose
to inhabit them. The little town of Mojave is no exception, providing no more than a short break for
truckers, train engineers, and travelers bound for so called bigger and better places.

17) Idle flat cars fit nicely alongside what many think to be an idle landscape. But to the unseen natural
inhabitants of this barren wilderness, a life and death struggle goes on each and everyday.

18) Normally, wild horses move slow and deliberate in the harsh daytime temperatures. The desert
donkey, however, has different ideas and ends up taking pleasure in exiting the horses into a playful gallop.

19) Not even the isolation of a train car in the desert will stop vandals from marring others property with
graffiti. Truly mans heart is completely corrupt apart from the inner working of our Lord Jesus.

20) As you look down what seems to be the never ending desert tracks of your life, remember this. We
all have times when God seems to put us out in the desert for reasons only He can understand. But when
that happens do not be discouraged. Try and use the time as an opportunity to slow down and listen
carefully to the soft desert breeze of His eternal Word. You just may find that your desert experience
may produce a beauty in your life that you never thought possible. May God so richly bless you in all
your journeys, Dave French
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