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“Andrew’s Song”
This song was inspired by my son, Andrew.
In his teen years, he would spend many hours playing his electric
guitar in his bedroom. One day he came to me with a chord
arrangement that he put together that had a great sound. I began
playing along with him on my piano. We soon came up with a great
song that was fun to play with drums, guitar and piano.
We never gave it any lyrics or name. Some time later however, I
used it in a recital, and gave it the name, Andrews Song.
Thank you Andrew, for a great song!
Andrew and his wife, Emily
Album Medley
1.Sarai   3:41
2.Paul’s Song  2:54
3.The Man of Sorrows  2:46
4.Mary’s Lullaby  2:56
5.On Eagle’s Wings  2:19
6.Andrew’s Song  4:12
7.Samson and Delilia  3:57
8.Morning Star  2:04
9.Chasing the Wind  1:50
10.Psalm 51  3:18
11.The King’s Highway  3:06
12.True Lover’s Plea  2:59
13.Leap for Joy  1:44
14.Son of Jesse  2:40
15.Evening  1:36
Total Running Time 42:12
Music written and
composed by
Christopher W. French
I give thanks;
To my precious Friend
and Savior, Jesus Christ.
For His great love and
compassion to me. His
death on the cross at
Calvary, that I may
receive the precious gift
of eternal life. For giving
me new hope and a reason
to live, so that every note
I play, every breath I take,
may be for Him.
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The Man of Sorrows album
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