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I was born in Topeka, Kansas, and was raised with three older brothers
and two younger sisters.  In 1960 we moved to California for warmer
weather and less allergies for the kids. My Mother worked at home
raising six children. She taught all of us how to play the piano. I didn't
want to learn the piano back then, but now I’m thankful for Dad’s
friendly persuasion in the matter. I was more fascinated with rhythm
and percussion. I remember playing my little bongos along with the
Laurence Welk TV Show on Sunday nights when I was only six years
old. Music has always been a very big part of my life. It’s been a friend
in both good times and bad. In my early 20's I took professional drum
lessons and played both piano and drums. They were a great
combination of instruments to learn and later contributed greatly in my
song writing and recording.

At the age of twenty, I married my wife Nancy and was blessed with
four children. Our work at times required over fifty men working for us.
Too often, things got pretty crazy, and very stressful. I could barely
keep up with running from one job site to another. Leaving for work in
the early dark mornings, and coming home long after the kids had gone
to bed, soon came to an end; I broke down. Not knowing what was
happening to me, I became very ill. The doctors called it, Agoraphobia,
a horrible illness which kept me in fear and panic for no reason!
Imprisoning me in my own house with depression and thoughts of
ending it all! The doctors told me this would never go away
completely, but in time, I could learn how to live with it better. I felt my
life had come to an end.

Confused and broken, I didn't know what to do. My brother Dave
helped me find books on Agoraphobia. That did help some, but I was
still hurting. I remember one day looking through our bookcase, and I
saw the little black Bible my mom had given me twelve years earlier. It
was covered with dust from just sitting there unused. I thought to
myself, why not? Maybe this could help! I began reading the Gospel of
Matthew. With my tired little mind I struggled through each sentence,
paragraph and page. Soon, little by little, God opened my eyes and
heart through the words which I had read. I was overwhelmed with
what was happening to me, the fear of the Lord came upon me in a way
I had never known before! I knew then, that God was so real, so
Awesome, so needed!

Later in time, I knew that God allowed the illness of agoraphobia to
happen so that He could get my attention, because He loves me, and I
was lost. A situation in my life which I thought was the worst, was
actually the very best thing that ever happened to me!! God used that
crises in time of pain and misery to bring me back to Him. Praise God
for His love and mercy! I continued to read and study His word daily.
My agoraphobia didn't go away over night, it took about eight years for
it to completely go away. But now, I am much happier and I enjoy life
more than ever before! I owe it all to Jesus Christ, and I give all praise
and glory to Him! Thank you dear Jesus!!

Today, over twenty years later, I will never forget how precious life is.
I am so thankful for my wife and children, family and friends, my job,
my church, my mind, and each day God gives me! I hope to write more
songs for Him. I pray for all who read this letter, joy, peace and Eternal
Salvation, which only Jesus can give! God bless...
                                                   Christopher W. French
©Rhythm On The Rock Productions
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Christopher W. French
March, 2007
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