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Paul French
xxxxToday, besides playing music for the
LORD, Paul has been serving his Country in
the United States Army, with the 82nd
Airborne Division, Fort Bragg NC. We are
very thankful that God has given us the time
and means to create "Journey To Bethlehem".
We look forward to making another album in
the future. We appreciate your prayers for
Paul, and for all our Troops who serve our
beautiful Country in the US Military, in one
way or another!
Paul’s Biography  6-3-06

xxxxEver since I was eight years old, (when I
began playing conga drums), my dream was to
make an album, a CD for the Lord! I was so
excited to go to the music stores and see what new
percussion instruments they had for sale. I couldn’t
wait to get home and try them out, and then bring
them to Church to use them in our Praise Band!
xxxxI am very thankful for the gift of music, God
has put rhythm in my hands and heart...and most
of all, I am thankful that I had been given the
opportunity to use those gifts in my Church! My
dad bought me my first set of conga drums at 8
years old. Because he was a drummer himself, he
gave me lessons, and we spent hours on end
playing together with him on the piano, and me on
my conga’s and drums. Our Church was so kind in
allowing me to be a part of their Worship and
Praise Band. This was a great place to serve the
Lord with my gifts, and also where I met, Robby
xxxxRobby has been with Frankie Valli and the
Four Seasons for over 20 years, as music director
and keyboard player. He is the most talented
person in music I have ever met in my life. I am so
thankful to this day, for the eight years I played as
his percussionist in our Church Praise Band. His
brother, Rex Robinson, was also in our band. He
too played for Frankie Valli, (bass guitar). With all
this musical training and exposure in playing with
extremely talented and godly musicians, I have
been truly blessed!
xxxxNow, I am so thankful that my dad and I have
put together this new instrumental percussion
album to the Glory of God!! I appreciate all his
time and work in making these songs, and I pray
that God will use them to bless so many people.
My dream of making a CD has finally come true!!
And I give all the glory...all the credit...and all the
praise...to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! Who
I will love and adore my whole life through!
xxxxI also thank my family...Who believe in me
always and who have made me who I am today!
For them, I am forever grateful!
xxxxI thank all my friends too, who have also been
a big part of my life, and especially those who have
helped form my musical gifts for the Lord...Robby
and Rex Robinson...and of course, my Dad!
xxxxI thank each and every one of YOU....who
enjoy this music, and have inspired me to play with
all my heart for the LORD.
xxxxI thank You dear Father In Heaven...for Your
grace and mercy to me, that I may receive the gift
of eternal life through your Son, Jesus Christ. To
also have been given the opportunity to play my
drums for YOU!...The King of kings and Lord of
lords! The Savior of the world!...AMEN
Paul 8 years old, standing on wooden crates to reach his conga's!
Paul's first set of conga drums, also used in "Journey To Bethlehem"
Paul 8 years old, at home in the backyard.
Riding his dirt bike in Hungry Valley, California.
Paul at Fort Benning, Georgia - November 2005
Paul and his mother, Fort Benning, Georgia.
Paul with his younger sister, Becky, June 2006.
Paul with his older brother, Andrew.
Paul with his father and mother at home.
January of 2008