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Rhythm On The Rock Productions is made up of real Christian people, just like you, and though we are small in
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There is great meaning and purpose behind all our Christian music and instrumentals. Our song lyrics are
founded and based upon the Word of God, the Bible. Even our instrumentals have Biblical Themes and Stories
behind each song. We also offer the opportunity and convenience of being able to sample large portions of our
music before you buy, or, if you can’t afford to purchase, you can enjoy the album medley from each artist’s CD
which has become very popular with our regular visitors. If you find that God has blessed you through our music,
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Throughout this website you will notice that we have included inspiring photos and Bible verses to go along
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See and hear this album
Favorite Classics
"Old Time Gospel Hymns"
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Christopher W. French
plays Old Time Gospel favorites
with a beat. Hear songs like;
What A Friend We Have In Jesus,
Amazing Grace and many others. Using the combination of his
piano, drums and bass, this instrumental album brings light
jazz flavor with an easy listening touch. We encourage you to
give this new Gospel Hymns album a listen!
Jill Walker
"All To You"
Click here to enjoy the Album Medley

To those listeners who are hungry for more of God: Let your
worship and praise reach new heights in Him! Hear songs like;
"You are Everything, You Are the Only One, My Joy, Ruler of
Everything" and many others! Jill Walker's cup overflows as she
sings for Jesus. Her music is so contagious and heart-warming
for worship that you will find yourself with child-like faith praising
and blessing God down deep in your soul!
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Paul French
"Journey To Bethlehem"
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Paul French
; a percussionist in the art of hand drums and
conga's, delivers an amazing Instrumental album, featuring
Musical Themes from Biblical Times! Each song is unique as
your imagination takes you back in time to a bible story from God's
Word. You don't have to be a percussion fan to appreciate this
album, "Journey To Bethlehem" speaks for itself, as one of the
most exciting Christian instrumental albums you will ever hear!
"Pure & Simple"
Click here to enjoy the Album Medley

energy and enthusiasm for singing Praise and
Worship Music to her Lord and Savior will overflow from her
heart to yours! The funky beats and harmonies are entertaining,
the song lyrics and message are forever true and inspiring. See
for yourself why "Pure & Simple" album is loved and treasured
by so many Christian Music fans from all around the world!
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Cassandra Peterson
"Hands in Wood"
Click here to enjoy the Album Medley

Beautiful vocal harmonies, song lyrics and amazing
guitar solos truly make "Hands In Wood" album a
classic! Enjoy the great variety of musical rhythms in this
Gospel album; from Country Pop to Latin and even
Techno. Fall more in love with Jesus while Cassandra
tells the beautiful stories of the Gospel message through
music and song. Words of Life on the Wings of Melody!
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Christopher W. French
"The Man of Sorrows"
Click here to enjoy the Album Medley

Christopher W. French
, song writer, producer and composer, brings
to you a beautiful collection of piano compositions and arrangements. His
forty plus years of piano experience is only the beginning of what has
inspired this beautiful masterpiece. His piano compositions have stirred
the emotions and hearts of countless music lovers from all over the world.
Inspired by Jesus, "a man of sorrows" (Isaiah 53). You will find great
peace and tranquillity throughout this beautiful album.
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Buy this album Now!
Buy this album Now!
Buy this album Now!
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"Pure & Simple" Song List...
Listen to individual songs here below.
1. Pure and Simple  Upbeat with the Gospel message from John 3:16.
2. He’s The Love In My Life  An emotional love song to Jesus.
3. Psalm 23  An inspiring song singing the most comforting of Psalms.
4. Fear The Lord  Song calling the lost to come home to Jesus Christ.
5. Praise You (Psalm 9)  Praise and worship, He stands at the door!
6. Living Water  Woman at the well with Jesus who didn't know Him.
7. I Will Sing To The Lord  Praise song with funky beats and sounds.
8. Think About Forever  Song about Heaven and eternity with Jesus.
9. Rejoice  Upbeat Techno praise song with synthesized sounds.
10. Our Emotions Don't Promise Salvation   It's not about us!
"Hands In Wood" Song List...
Listen to individual songs here below.
1. Father Of Light  Shine down on me, fill me with your love...
2. Hands In Wood  Jesus' hands in wood enduring the cross.
3. The Shepherd Song  About Jesus the Good Shepherd.  
4. New Life Begins  The journey to the cross, fun Techno beat.
5. Delight In The Lord  He will give you desires of your heart.
6. On The Road To Emmaus  Story of Jesus and 2 disciples.
7. The Way You Love Me  Love song to Jesus, a big favorite.
8. Sunrise  Prophecy fulfilled in Jesus from days of old. Upbeat.
9. I Wan'na Be Like Jesus  To see the world as Jesus would.
10. He's The Rock In My Roll  Upbeat guitar solos.
11. Dwell In You  Come all who are weak and heavy laden.
12. This I Know  Song about the return of Jesus Christ.
"Journey To Bethlehem" Song List...
Listen to individual songs here below.
1. Joshua  With inspiring drum fills answering the violin.
2. Ruth and Boaz  Strings and harmonica sounds.   
3. King David's Palace  Timbales, flute, guitar and piano solo.
4. The Queen of Sheba  Conga drums with strings and bells.  
Exodus  Rain and thunder with wooden sticks played at solos.
6. Journey To Bethlehem  Sounds like a movie soundtrack.
7. Pharaoh and the Taskmasters  Conga drums with piano.
8. The Jewish Carpenter  Upbeat with violin piano and strings.
9. The Walls of Jericho  Conga drum solos, horns and synth.
10. Wedding Feast at Cana  Piano and violin, guiro and vibes.
11. The Triumphal Entry  Djembe drums, strings and synth.  
The Shepherd Boy  Conga drums with flute and piano.
13. Jammin' for Jesus  Over 10 minutes, conga and drum solo.
"The Man Of Sorrows" Song List...
Listen to individual songs here below.
2.Paul’s Song  
3.The Man of Sorrows  
4.Mary’s Lullaby  
5.On Eagle’s Wings  
6.Andrew’s Song  
7.Samson and Delilia  
8.Morning Star  
9.Chasing the Wind  
10.Psalm 51  
11.The King’s Highway  
12.True Lover’s Plea  
13.Leap for Joy  
14.Son of Jesse  
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See Paul's short video
Click here for a message by Christopher W. French
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Free MP3 Downloads Kum Ba Yah  and  My Sweet Savior
"Old Time Gospel Hymns" Song List...
Listen to individual songs here below.
1. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
2. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
3. Holy, Holy, Holy
4. In The Garden
5. This Is My Father's World
6. Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring
7. It Is Well With My Soul
8. Abide With Me
9. Blessed Assurance
10. Amazing Grace
11. Rock Of Ages
12. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
13. Fairest Lord Jesus
14. Holy God We Praise Thy Name
15. Crown Him With Many Crowns
16. Take My Life And Let It Be
17. Joy, Joy, Joy
Download this album from iTunes
Download this album from iTunes
Download this album from iTunes
Download this album from iTunes
Click here for a short video on the forgiveness of sins!
Read about
fear, depression and anxiety by Dave French
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See Dominique's Music Video  Beautiful scenes from San Buenaventura State Beach Park, California.
Rhythm On The Rock Productions
See and hear this album
See and hear this album
See and hear this album
See and hear this album
Enjoy the various rhythms and soulful piano interpretations while your mind recalls words
and lyrics from Classical Hymns always to be remembered and treasured for all eternity.
These beautiful Hymns, written so long ago, still have great meaning to each of our life’s
today. The trials that we endure and praises we sing, are just as our Christian brothers and
sisters experienced in the past during their own life time. Often the Old Time Gospel Hymns
can touch us in such a way that we feel as though they were written especially for us!
Listen to 5 Patriotic Songs offered to you
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Below are links to the individual songs.
Yankee Doodle/Dandy
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
The Star-Spangled Banner
All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight
America The Beautiful
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Are you looking for some fun Christian dance music...try these songs included in this album by Dominique: Rejoice, I will sing to the Lord, Pure & Simple
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